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Role Play Profile

real name:Lance
nickname: Hunter Lucas,or whatever you want
best friends:
4. Bloody_Angel she is my bestie on ES and real life I LOVE YOU BESTIE!!
5.Hope :)
My family ^^:
Mom: Sliverwood
Sister: PockyPanda
Gender: male of course -.-ll
real Relationship: single once again
ES relationship: single
What i like to do: rp,talk,messing with people,or just hanging.
What i hate: people how think there everything,assholes,and and one thats just stupid.

+ Royal Castle RP
$ My Demon (Needs two boys and three girls)
$ I'll Be There For You
+ Naruto Rp : ) join!
+ Toradora- Rp ((Needs 4 people))
+ werewolf gang rp (open)

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