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Role Play Profile

~I Am The Queen Of Snakes.~

Status -
Working on saving all my character profiles to a flash drive. The site crashing scurred meh.

.:Between you and name is irrelevant:.


.:Feeling Old:.

.:Wandering Solo:.


[Current Fandoms I'm Craving]

Trinity Blood - GunXSword - Tiger & Bunny

[Fandoms I'm Willing To Do]

$ {Forbidden} - Closed to valkyira
$ .:Hunter Shenanigans:. -[Closed]-
$ Trust and Betryal [.:Closed:.]
$ [CLOSED] A Quest for Dragons - A Knights Journey
$ Living Nightmares and Bloody Kisses
+ The Humanoid Typhoon Meets The Fullmetal Alchemist
+ InuYasha: A New Chapter - Amnesia

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