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Ilove video games and animes.

Status:single in rl and on ES
Likes:Yuri, video games, girls, mangas, anime, some guys as friends.
Dislikes:Yaoi, guys, liars, cheaters, stealers

Mah Peeps
Mangamanic:My rl bestie :D

+ Me and Blaze :D
+ Searching
+ Mother x daughter yuri need daughter 1x1
+ Mother x Daughter yuri need girl 1x1
+ 1x1 pokemon yuri need girl
+ 1x1 taken Amaya
$ 1x1 need girl yuri
$ How opposites attract yuri 1x1 need girl
+ A Naruto yuri 1x1 need anko
+ 1x1 yuri taken
+ !x1 with Yiffy
+ 1x1 yuri (need girl please join)
$ My new slave 1x1 yuri (need slave)
+ Yuri Chat for all yuri girls out there
+ Teacher x student yuri need teacher
+ Yuri 1x1 need girl
+ 1x1 yuri(need girl)
+ 1x1 Mistressxslave roleplay(yuri need girl)

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