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Update: Jesus fucking christ looks like I'm not the only name who's coming back...

: You can call me Suzu.

Gender: Female

The Fam:


Not Batman


Always on PMS


It's because he's Italian


The butt end of all of our jokes


The Dark One

My friends might say I have no chill but I'm actually really lenient with other people on ES and would be more willing to make changes to my charries or posts than argue.

But here's my biggest pet peeve:

When someone has finally "posted" in a thread in your Recent Activity tab

But they actually said "Sorry for the delay, will try to post soon" in the Realtime chat

It bugs me man

+ Assassin's Creed: Divided
+ V.I.C.E.
$ Sonny Day
+ The Child Thief
$ Personal Testing Thread
+ Ghibli Mania

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