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Best non intro post. 2009

Aren was looking around the room and not paying attention to anything for all of class and when the class bell rang he went to gather up his stuff, but the teacher asked him to stay for a minute. He sighed, and complied as Aren picked up his stuff a small scrap of paper hit the ground. Aren picked it up and put it in his pocket as he walked to the teachers desk, "What was it you said when you came in my class and why? I don't want any trouble makers." Aren sat down on the edge of the desk and explained, "I made a mistake. You see, I heard you say Mars, Saturn, and Dominus when I walked up to the door, and those are Latin. I took some Latin in my last school and so I told you when I walked in that I was the new student Aren and that I had gotten lost." Aren stopped to take a breath and the teacher held his hand up to stop him before the explanation could continue. "I think I understand now. Please, take this book and study. I hope to have you speaking French in a few weeks, you already have a good base in Latin." The teacher then dismissed him as the final bell rang with a slip to let him to his next class without trouble. As he walked Aren worked his way to the bathroom and found a relatively clean stall to stand in as he pulled out the note and read it, after he was done He thought to himself that that couldn't be right because his friend's name was Lucy True. Or at least he thought that's what her last name was, all those year ago Aren didn't really care about names much. Aren put the note back in his pocket and walked out to his next class, English, but this was British Literature not American. Aren walked into the class and bowed to the teacher and stated, "I have but one name for city and country, and that be Aren. I hope you call me that, for no other name than that will i respond." It was worded in a British manner to be both rude and polite at the same time. Aren took a seat at the front of the class and started writing to make himself look busy.

Dear bullies,

See that boy doing his homework in homeroom? Last night he Talked His friend out of suicide.
See that girl you just called fat? She is starving herself
See that old man you made fun of cause of the ugly scars? He fought for our country
See that young boy you must made fun of for always being sick? He has to walk home in the snow cause his family is too poor
RePost this if u r against bullying. I bet 95% of u won't.
Your life would probably not be as harsh as theirs


1. A kiss on the lips = I love you
2. Kiss on the ear = You're special
3. Kiss on the nose = laughter
4. Kiss on the forehead = I want to be there for you to make you feel better
5. Kiss on the neck = I want you
6. Kiss on the shoulder = You are wonderful
7. Kiss anywhere else = Be careful
8. Play around with hair = I can't live without you
9. Holding hands = Happiness
10. Arms around waist = You're all mine//I need you
11. A hug = I care
12. Nibble on your ear = start warming
13. Smiling at each other = I like you
14. Lifting up eyebrows & *wink* = Flirting
15. Looking around = Hiding feelings
16. Tender kiss on the side of your lips = You're mine
17. Wetting your lips = Waiting for a kiss
18. Tear drop = I'm losing you
19. Crying = I've lost you

Don't read this if you easily get mad.

This is very stupid.Everyone throws a huge fuss over gays getting freedom to speak and be themselves. Thats good! Keep talking boy and keep it up fan girl who just want to see guys kiss. But Everywhere I look on this site there are homosexual roleplays that only except guys or girls who will do things with the same Gender. It has gotten to the point where a straight guy can't find a good romance to play with a girl. And I know this probably made a lot of people mad but I'm not saying to not be gay. I'm saying that a straight guy can want a romance too.

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