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Role Play Profile

~Don't call me Nymphadora.~

♥ Nymphadora Tonks♥ 23♥Searching For My Remus♥ Female♥

♥College Student♥ Muse Holder♥ Loved Friend ♥

♥ I Have Friends And They Mean The World To Me♥

♥Status: I am not quitting my Rps, but my mind and focus as of late seems to be terrible. If I post to some and not others it has nothing to do with favourites, but where my mind is most focused. I am so very sorry and ask that you all please bear with me. ~Thanks ♥

♥"I'm not your girl...I don't belong to anyone" -Angel; Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure♥

I love you Lilo. <3

¡ɥɔʇᴉʇs ʎɯ ʎq ǝuop ǝlᴉɟoɹԀ

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+ -Let the Hunt Begin-

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