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Role Play Profile

Name: Nyu
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday~!: November 17 <3
ES Status: single
Real Life status: Single <|3

Omg Nyu actually posted words~!
Kay walked out to the old shrine to get the rake for the backyard. She was visiting at her great grandmothers house, and was just about to start some yard work. Kat grabbed the rake and looked into the old well in the shrine. It looke like it went on forever. Kat started to walk away but something shiny caught her eye. Kat leaned over the side of the well trying to see what it was. Kat must have leaned too far over the side though, because she fell into the well. The walls spun around her as she layed on the ground. Kat looked around and found a small purple crystal looking price of glass. She sighed and put it into her pocket, then climbed her way back up to the surface. Just as Kat was about to get off if the railing of the well something grabbed her ankle and pulled her back in. Kat screamed as blue sparkles flew all around her. Her feet touched the bottom of the well and she quickly scrambled up to the top of the well flopping onto the ground. Kat blinked and looked around, she wasn't in the shrine any more. Kat was staring at a forest. She shook her head and stood up looking around,"Where am I?". Suddenly the bushes in front if her started to shake. Kat blinked as a demon jumped in front of her. "
Well what a tastey little treat for my belly
," the demon snarled. Kat growled,"I don't think you want to mess with me." "
Oh but you look so good to eat
," the demon grinned and ran towards her. Kat jumped out of the way,"Granddaughter of a half demon, not a good idea." The demon reached its claws out for her, only managing to scratch her forearm. Kat glared at him as she ran towards him with her own claws aimed,"I'll splatter your guts!"
Thoughts of death rage inside me

but I say nothing out of fear
will you lock me in a cage?

And throw away the key?
will you call me insane?

Sadness tinges in my voice
the lullaby I sing is a quiet rejoice.

for finally the day has come
when I am the only one.

it's great to be young and insane


NYU~! ^^ that's me


$ It's a Ninja thing
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