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Role Play Profile

-Welcome to the life of Whoop-

-I guess I should say a little bit about myself-

+Whoop, unless you already know my true name, or have a nick name for me"+

+I believe age is just a number, am I wrong?+

+If you really wanna know, ask+

+I like the opposite sex+

Relationships Es/Rl:

How I Roleplay:
+I haven't been on here for quite awahile. Yes I know that it says I am new, but I just mad a new account. I have been here before. I roleplay mainly as girls but I am trying to play guys. I am not very good and if I am not interested in the plot I won't play one. I can post most anything above 1500 characters. I love romance Roleplays, but I like adding other genres into it.+

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