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Role Play Profile

I'm back! I am currently on break and the holiday season is over and I am ready to start role playing again!!!.

Brii☽ 27☽ Female☽ ESRS:
I have kidnapped him<3☽

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$ Avalon
+ Another Day, Another Search~
$ For -Mercy-
$ ~The Key to Two Worlds~
$ The High Seas~
$ S.E.A.R.C.H.I.N.G....
$ Unexpected
$ Twisted
$ The Fallen
$ The House At The Top Of The Hill
$ The Other World (1x1)
$ Aleasia (1x1)
$ Rumor Has It 1x1
$ lS E A R C H I N Gl
$ For xLoveandLustx
$ Make A Wish On A Shooting Star 1x1 Closed
$ For LoveHateHero
+ WANTED Role Play Partner
$ You Are The Right Kind Of Wrong 1x1 Closed
$ For myself and CloudsCryRainbows
$ A Wish In A Bottle 1x1
+ Hell's Academy 1x2 Need two Lit Males
$ The Hunter Becomes The Feast V2 *Need Mature Male*
$ The Hunter Becomes The Feast 1x1 *Closed*
+ Closed!

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