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Role Play Profile

One of my Characters (age changes according to RP)
Name Nicole Randi Parker (Nikki)
Username: NPR20
Age: 17-18

Back ground:
Nicole comes from a family in the political arena. Her dad has been running for Mayor the third time running, and she is expected to act like a lady.
She has two younger brothers, one who is now in ninth grade and one who is in seventh grade. Their names are Tom and Randy. Tom is a very outspoken and practical worker of a person while Randy is very caring and especially looks up to Nicole.
She is very quiet at school, and for the most part, people don't think of her as the Politician's daughter because she is shy and soft spoken.
She does have one friend though, who is a little Heavy set. Nicole and Anna have been friends since kindergarten. He also has a boyfriend by the name of Rick.

Nicole has light golden brown hair that is a bit wavy and a few freckles around her nose. She stands about five foot eight, and has a medium build with chests that are balanced for her weight but on the small side.
Nicole has a few problems that she doesn't want anyone at school to find out about, and the most embarrassing problem is bedwetting which has recently become a day problem, but not often enough that she was caught at it yet.
Nicole loves the color blue, she loves dolphins and cats, and she cannot say no to lemon pies. She ignores jocks and popular groups at school because she thinks that they are all too full of shit to really understand what real life is about. Her father would kill her for being un-lady like, and as a strict disciplinarian who is a little old fashion, Nicole knows better than to be caught in public with anything less than what would cover her shoulders, her thighs to within an inch of her knees, and her mid-stomache.
Nicole also is a little scared of certain things which can cause her to panic. One of the things that really scares her, is snakes, but very few people don't at least respect them, right? What is something that her brothers laugh about though, is that she doesn't like bugs either. Dogs scared her, and so does sleeping alone in the dark.
Lucky for her, her youngest brother is also scared of the dark, and often asks her to sleep in her room, so she doesn't have to act like the younger child.

Nicole has dreams to be in the medical field when she graduates college, so she works very hard at school. She is so scared of her behavior causing even a minor blemish on her school record, so that she will not even raise her hand to ask to go to the bathroom or disrupt the lesson in anyway. That has been some of the reasons that her problem is getting worse.

I don't like cutting for my characters, and I do try to make them completely rounded with feelings and life. She WILL cry, and she CANNOT kick the snot out of you, but she isn't always a weakling either, and will fight if she is bullied.


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