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Blue Suede Shoes

Name: Lena Taylor

Age: 22

Gender: Female

About ME
I am a momma.

I have a past riddled with mistakes all that made me who I am.

I write a bit, nothing fancy. I am friendless cause I never have time.

I am engaged

I will be on here more often, and I enjoy writing long semi-good paragraphs maybe three, 1000 characters or more. Say Hi, I am not shy, and I hope it helps that I don't bite.

I Have Skype lenataylorcrow95


I am a survivor of domestic violence, Sexual, Physical and Mental Spousal Abuse. If you are against Abuse of any kind Please share this number CALL 1-800-799-7233 on your profile. This is a 24/7 National Domestic Violence Hotline

A poem that hit home on the head ....

Returning Faith © Lynette Gutwein

You took away my innocence
My hopes, my dreams, my youth
You took from me my very soul
What could have been, I never knew

Your words would cut me deep inside
Deep to the very core
Darkness. Cold. I could not feel
Why did you hate me so?

You crushed me as I screamed in pain
Your words ripped out my heart
The world grew dull. I felt insane
Did you ever care about that part?

Is that what you wanted all along?
"I win!" "You lose!" A game?
Control, submission, guilt, defeat
Yet, I still remain

It was for a child that I lived
Although I rather would have died
Now, how I thank God for that child!
Because of her, I have survived

I will live in spite of you
You no longer have a say
My Life, my Body, my Mind, my Soul
You will never again have control

Whether in this world or in the next
Justice will have a way
You hurt me and you almost won
But "You Lost!", I have to say

A new Dawn breaks of Hope and Peace
Of Happiness and Grace
From me, these things YOU CANNOT TAKE
My head held high, I walk by faith

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