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hello everyone i am partly back on lol i will be on often but if you want to get ahold of me just drop me a pm with a way we can get into contact

If you want to see the real me and see some info just click me

Chatango: Kekaishia

Skype: will be making one soon forgot my password

Cellphone: Just pm me if you want it if you are good friends with me i will more than willing to give you my number

The darkness will consume you

You want to know the true me
The version that no one sees
the one who hides behind all his broken dreams
then look at how he dresses
and listen to the music he hears
because even tho he will never tell you
everything he does will reveal
his pain
and his fear
his worries
and his doubts
because no matter
how dark he might seem
he still has a tiny bit of light
that's buried beneath the seams

Status: [x]Me []Reaper []Sinister : Better
While others are out finding new ways to kill themselves
I sit and watch the sky.
While friends disappear
Mine stay forever
While they mock and ridicule the weak and talented
I stand by there side to help them back up again
Even tho there is so much hate in the world
I will never hate anyone
For I am that person everyone comes to for help
and I am the one everyone tells everything
I am a protector and a savior
I am the Merchant

As the cut is opened
and I spill my blood
my world fills with dark
and I feel nothing
so many times ive tried
and so many fights have happened
I am to the point of no return
so what do I do
I think about leaving
but never can do it
so I sit and take it
and release the pressure
with a small line

I am looking for new roleplays to join all the time so if your looking for members just pm me and ill take a look


"looking for angels by skillet"

Anthem Of Lonely

Verse 1:
A Heart made of stone
calis and bone
fracture and tear it out
to let it going
to think I call it my own
and I would've never thought the pain could grow

So ill break it
knowing what you said
the pain is what you make it
sadly you are so mistaken
I will take you with a grain
and step into the changes
throw away the empty heart

right now never wanna leave this place
and right now see it in a different way
so right now even if you take me on
ill stand the lonely
stand the lonely

Verse 2:
its harder to know
just where to go
if only the stars align the sunsets glow
I don't need to call in a storm
or something to scream about with empty lungs

(Chorus2 x3)

stand the lonely

How Far We've Come

I'm waking up at the start of the end of the world
but its feeling just like every other morning before
now I'm wondering what life is gonna mean if its gone
The cars are moving like half mile and hour and I
started staring at the passengers waving goodbye
can you tell what was ever really special about me all this time

I believe the world is burning to the ground
well I guess we gonna find out
lets see how far we've come
lets see how far we go

well I believe it all is coming to an end
well I guess were gonna pretend
Lets see how far we've come
lets see how far we go

It could turn ten oclock but I don't really know
and I cant remember caring for an hour or so
started crying and I couldn't stop myself
started running but theres no where to run to
I sat down on the street
took a look at myself
said where going man you know the world is heading for hell
say your goodbyes if you got someone you can say goodbye to


Gone gone baby its all gone
theres no one on the corner and theres no one at home
well it was cool cool it was just all cool
now its over for me and its over for you

Gone gone baby its all gone
theres no one on the corner and theres no one at home
well it was cool cool it was just all cool
now its over for me and its over for you


lets see how far we've come
lets see how far we go

Lets see how far we've come
lets see how far we go

lets see how far we've come
lets see how far we go

lets see how far we've come

can you unlock the gates before its too late

Kek and Legend
^mess with her and you will get my size 12 shoe in your ass.
she is an amazing women and anyone who thinks otherwise well hopefully I don't catch you.

Kek and nekoda
My best friend

"live and learn"

"Feel Good Inc"

1. Oji (his bodyguard)
2. kiahtah
3. Legend <---you are amazing
4. Dragon
5. Nekoda
6. shadow-storm my pet

7. LordGiro
8. ShadowOwl
██ This
████ On
█████ Your
██████ Profile
███████ You
████████ Have
██████████ Ever
███████████ Fell going
█████████████ Up The stairs

I like to stare at the sun
and think about what ive done
I lie awake in my great escape
I like crossing the line
and slowly losing my mind
are you okay cause I feel fine
maybe its me im just crazy
maybe I like that im not alright
- Im Not Alright: Shinedown

Welcome Death
Welcome Darkness
Hear Evil
And See Evil

The bloods hits the floor
as the portal is opened
and the hell begins to flood in
killing me slowly
and painfully
showing the world what you've done
and what they all think of you
and when the heart finally breaks
the mind dies
and the whole world decides
you are not worth it

You say Jonas Brothers,I say Green Day.
You say Rhianna, I say Linkin Park.
You say Lady Gaga, I say Flyleaf.
Yousay Taylor Swift, I say Breaking Benjamin.
Yoy say Soulja Boy, I say 3 Doors Down.
You say Justin Bieber, I say Three Days Grace.
You say Black Eyed Peas, I say Fall Out Boy.
You say Flowers, I say Puddle of Mudd.
92% of to days youth have gone to rap and pop.If you are one of the 8% who still listen to real music, copy and paste this on your profile<3

Three of us there are
Three of us are one
and Me

Reaper am I
The savior from his depression
and despair
The keeper of a once long forgotten memory
and the darkness that shrouds his mind
for I am not evil
for I am not good
just a deep emotion
that could never be whole

Sinister I am
the silent one
the protective one
I am the protector of his heart
and the thought behind every word
I am not good
I am not evil
I am his soul
and the one that falls in love the hardest
for i am his weakness
and his betrayal

We were formed from his thoughts
and his dreams
and we both hold the key
to the very evil he hides
for we are the gaurdians
and we are the jailors

I am that person you push away
i am the guy who stands by your side no matter how hard you hurt me
I watch as you cry
I watch as the blood drains
and I am the only one who sees how much you hurt
cuz i am the only one who knows
I care
so dont say i dont
and dont run away
cuz when it comes down to it
you always look past the one who fell for you in the first place

As my thoughts become reality
and my dreams seem to grow cold
I see only one purpose for the life I have
and that purpose will keep me alive
because without that purpose I am nothing

To the one person ill probably do anything for

We will never die alone
Juggalos will carry on
Swing our hatchets if we must
each and everyone of us.

+ Neverwinter D&D
+ Fate
+ Command and Conquer Red Alert
+ The Werewolves
+ The World Before
+ The Mythology World
+ Rankings [The World of Dayla]
+ Arena [The World of Dayla]
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+ Kingdom Wars [The World of Dayla]
$ Kek and Outofcreation
+ The Katora Family
+ Welcome to the War
$ Kek and O
$ The World of Dayla
+ TheDreamer
$ Welcome to the Underworld
$ Locked Away
$ Black Sun

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