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From rp Undead
The night was dark and silent.The wind blew furiously outside and thunder cracked as if it was a whip.Jet laid in his bed staring at the white popcorn ceiling. Every little sound made him jump and bury himself further into the soft protective covers of his bed.The moon was hidden behind a mask of dark foggy clouds;it seemed as if it to, was scared of the dark.Quickly his mind was jolted from the storm raging outside his window to a low growl that echoed down the hallway steps.His house was small so every sound was amplified to be louder then it actually was.Slowly and uncertainly he got up and walked to his bedroom door "M-mama?"he called softly opening his bedroom door, and taking a slow step onto the hallways wooden floor.Jet looked around and blinked,fear trampling all curiosity he had as the growl sounded again an hot waxy breath breathed down the back of his neck.His body stiffened as he shot around and came face to face with his mom.His tensed body relaxed and he sighed "Mama-"his relief turned into icy fear as he stared at her.This,thing looked nothing like his mother.Its pale eyes shot daggers into him as its manicured hands scrambled to secure his wrists.Her face was slack jawed and drowned out by thirst and hunger. "M-m-mama??"he whimpered and yanked away from her as she grabbed his wrists.
Trembling in fear he took a step back and gasped as his foot hit open air.The world tilted backwards as he was sent crashing down the stairs his hands clawing the air for a grip of anything to stop his fall or at least slow it down.With no luck he remained grip-less and plummeted the full flight of stairs lading on the ground with a burst of tears and moans of pain.At this sound his mother stumbled closer to him shakily walking down the stairs getting closer with every step she,or at least it, took.
She reached down and grabbed him pulling him out of his tight sobbing ball and snapping her teeth toward his shoulder.Jet fought against her his small hands holding back her forehead and chin as her teeth lunged toward him and snapped around the open air inches from his pajamas.His feet flung out and slammed into her lower torso knocking her backwards and making her drop him as she collided with the wall.
In the little time jet had to get on his feet the woman had already bolted toward him again and snapped her hands around the space his throat would have been if he hadn't moved only seconds earlier.He ran up the steps heart hammering in his chest and lungs seeming to suck all of the oxygen down like a meth head would drugs.his feet pounded on the hallway flooring and then glided through the air as he dove into his room flipped onto his back and kicked the door closed. As the door started to open he jumped up and held it closed trembling profusely. "M-m-mama stop it!!"he screamed as she pried the door open and stuck her hand in only to have him shove the door close.The crack and squeak of breaking bone vibrated into his ears and only made him push harder.The mother screeched in agony and pulled her wrist back letting the door shut and lock leaving Jet in the safety of his room.Slowly withdrawing from the door he slunk o a corner and bawled himself to sleep.

-the next morning-

The sunlight glittered through his window shining into jets eyes who was curled up on the floor trembling in his sleep.After the scratching,moaning,and tears had stopped he had barricaded his door with his dresser and let exhaustion over take him.Slowly lifting his head from his curled up position he whimpered in pain.His body felt broken.It was so painful and unbearable he almost started to cry again.After about an hour of listening he stood up on wobbly legs and grabbed his backpack dumping out the books paper and overdue assignments that in the future he would never be able to turn in.He walked to his closet and took down a sling shot with a rubber sling silver balls and a stainless steel body frame.He ten grabbed his canteen filling it up with water from his bathroom sink and closed it tightly hooking the clip to one of the zippers.H opened her dresser drawers and took out a sweatshirt socks under where and stuffed them into the bag.He then crawled under this bed and opened a small mettle war heroes box and took out his father pistol and ammunition loading it and tucking it into the waistband of his pants.He then grabbed his teddy bear an stuffed it in with his other belongings as well as a family photo of him and his parents at Six flags.Zipper up that pocket he searched through his bathroom drawers and grabbed a comb and inhaler plus his A.D.H.D medicine an stuck it into one of the side pockets.Checking he had everything he changed into some clothes and slipped on his shoes taking the pistol in his hand and cocking it back.
Slipping on the green Nike back pack he walked to his window and raised the shutters slipping his hand under the rotted wooden frame and slid it up. Taking a cautious step onto the room he crawled out of the window and to the edge where the roof was lower. Turning he wrapped his fingers around the edge and hoisted himself down landing on the ground without any problems.He walked to the front hard and ran.He wanted to go anywhere. Anywhere there was safety. Anywhere that was not here.
From Prince and his Destiny
The man snorted and tilted his head bitterly. His posture seemed to tense up as he put the old and withered book down on the small end table beside one of the two chairs. Taking off his gloves the man laid them on the leather Book cover and gave a small smile "You misunderstand your position sire. I never brought my fiance to my home she voluntarily showed up at my door." he said as he walked up to ray and narrowed his eyes quizzically "And you cant freely come here and take her just because it seems fit. You come here beckoning for her like a master to his dog when in reality your just a hunter to a wolf. A beautiful oak brown wolf that has yet to decide if she wants to go into the cage you have so carefully set up!" he snapped but stopped as a whimper sounded from the second floor balcony. Glancing up at the woman peering at them the man seemed to wince slightly. "Excuse my temper." he said a little more quietly "But it is not for you to decide if she stays or goes." he added in after a moment and turned away as Leah made her way down the spiral staircase in the corner of the room.

Her golden dress brushed against the marble floor as she strode toward the two men but her eyes never left Ray's face "My Lord..."she murmured softly and dipped her her eyes darting away from him as she subconsciously snaked a hand to curl one of her stray golden curls "Francis may I have a moment with our guest please? "she asked the other man softly her hand slowly running down his shoulder and arm. In response Francis snorted but gave a firm nod turning away from them and walking from the room. Leah watched him leave.

"You speak of me like I'm no more than an object of your possession. To be taken and left as you please." she murmured softly as she walked to one of the many bookcases lining the wall and ran her hand over the worn out hardbacks. Her nails seemed to arch as they played with her pearl necklace and her body brushed against the wood gently in a completely relaxed manner relaxed. Upon close inspection you could tell she had taken some kind of sedative. Her once bright eyes were now glazed over and seemed to stare straight through him, her skin seemed to be pale and her smile seemed almost to happy. There was also a few patches of white milk liquid with the consistency of water strewn across her neck. The same liquid that covered the pearls and seemed to be absorbing into her skin making her the way she was.

"That's not all I am to you is it? An object to be used at your beck and call? An object to be claimed? That is what your here to do right? To claim me like a lost dog and its owner." she murmured and let off a bubbly laugh "Certainly that must be what your here for. So after your done with me you can slaughter me just like your 'beloved' sister." she murmured. Suddenly her body swayed and she slumped down into one of the silk chairs clasping her hands over her lap and letting her head rock slowly back and fourth in a rhythmic manner.
My quote
Among the dead and between the living where fantasy is proven and reality is but a dream there lies a forest. So barren and desolate this forests sits it’s said to be dead even within its existence of life. Never leaning towards the possibility of promise or new life it sits never swayed by what it’s thought to be versus what it really is.
And this leads us into a new chapter
Of what we can only condense into one word

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