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Role Play Profile

If anyone wants my contact info, ask neon, vlanderson, scifer.


for those I am roleplaying with, no need to quit the roleplays we are in for I am taking a break, no need to delete it or anything, I promise to reply to all roleplays once I get into roleplaying again. I am having to deal with school and the fact it is coming to an end and I will not be on that much. I'm sorry. also for those who believe I am a complete and utter moron. I will tell you this, you have no idea how smart I truly am, I'm just lazy with showing it.

Name: Matty, Naru, Geek, I don’t care.

Age: right between 18 and 21

Gender: hmm last I checked, I’m a guy.

S.O.: As Straight as Plank from Ed, Edd, And Eddy.

Likes: Video games, Anime, manga, friends, pizza, Godzilla, haters

Dislikes: Back stabbers, liars, cheaters, Fox, Nihal(LordTyranus), Ryujin.

ES status: Single

RL Status:Single

For all My haters, people who get annoyed with me, and those who are annoyed that I don't show my intelligence, I ask you this.

Will add my friends list. I want to know who you all think fits you best out of Video Game Characters

$ Much like a game.
$ 2014 graduates
$ Everyone loves riding a trally
$ nothing is as happy as a bunny
$ Meanings of a Geek
$ A Duckie in the Pond
$ Roleplay with an Odette
$ A place for my things
$ Alone in the World(for Ashlynn)
$ Alone in the world taken
$ The husky named Jc
$ The Naru and Vlan Super Show
$ 1x1 with IgnisDaemonium
$ 1x1 with Kira-Hime
$ for mistetdreamer~)
$ 1x1 with _raven_
$ boy in All girl's school(need girl)
$ A boy in All girls school(needs girl)
+ Nerds Paradise
$ 1x1 with rin
$ 1x1 with vlan
$ 1x1 with Darkelfprincess
+ Killer's Love
$ 1x1 with SHL
+ Geeks Galore

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