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Role Play Profile

ATTENTION: Do to various issues including family, school, and life I have not had time to access my account but I will try to reveiw any and all events that have occured in my absents thanks :-) Narukid

online [] offline [] on and off [X]

My name's a secret but I'll tell you what it is if I know you really well. Until then you can call me Naru
I am female and proud of it.

I'm sixteen

I'm friendly and pretty easy-going unless you mess with me or my friends then I get pissed.

I love anime of all kinds!

My favorite colors are black and purple

I listen to almost any kind of music except for Jazz, Opera, Dirty Rap, Classical, and Instrumental.



More to come later

Made by neon_gummy_bears. updated by me

+ Alone in the wild(Open)
+ When the pain becomes unbarable, why not just end it all...(Open)
+ The last of their kind, a secret from the deep{Closed}
+ Two people,two worlds,one meeting(Open)
+ The secret girl of North lake high(Closed)
+ The kidnapped peasent and the selfish prince(Closed)
$ Vampire knight[1x1 for me and star]
+ When it all becomes too much, why not end it there...(Open)
+ A young girls story(Closed)
$ vampire knight 1X1
$ the world of bleach[closed]

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