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currently looking for a sweetheart on elite skills
my top 5 friends
1# BillieBelle
2# fallingfaith
3# ragingsarrow
4# fallingdonut
5# strifeX
elite skills family
sister:BillieBelle(my most trusted friend on here and in real life also ex-love)
chilren: XoxHannaMarinOxo,

+ chat for me and akria
+ last christmas alone <1-1>
+ the gaurdian and the princess (1-1)
+ love of a warg (fantasy love story)
+ opening a closed heart
+ the wind waker :the aftermath
+ aura magic academy
+ lord of the ring: the dragon god
+ pokemon battle royal
+ halo fight to the finish
+ kingdom of brawl
+ best friend the new dad
+ new love new problem!!!
+ byeblade beast breakers ooc
+ prehistoric park
+ a demons wrath
+ wrath of corruption
+ paraworld
+ Time For A Revolution!!!!!
+ legacy of a family
+ fall of spartan group alpha
+ gundam : the eclipse movement
+ IM...a Dad??(filled)
+ pokemon : protecting what you care for
+ a mystic love?1-1 <spot open>

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