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Role Play Profile

♩Name ♩ - YoungGi
♩Age ♩ - 17
♩Gender♩ - ♀
♩Status♩ - Single


KyoyaPleasant ♥

Kyo-bear - We met recently,yet I feel strong connection. We basically like same stuff xD.I really like you RP-ing also. Saranghae~ ♡

JRipper ♥

Zane - You are the person I really appreciate,and one of my first friends here.Thank you for always talking to me~ I love you

LettuceWedge ♥

Lettuce - It is always nice to talk to you.You are my friend that I also love. I hope that we will talk more!! ≧ω≦

Mukuro ♥

Kuro - Kuro - san...I would really like to get to know you more.You really seem like a nice person. I love you~

HoneybeeX ♡

Honey - You are a person dear to my heart and I'm glad that I met you. In the future let's become closer,ne?

안녕하세요! My name is YoungGi. I am 17 years old and I come from Seoul,South Korea. I love to roleplay,sing,dance,swim,write and listen to music. In general,I'm a nice person,but don't try to make me angry.Please don't,because I don't like to fight. Feel free to ask more! Bye~



Girls' Generation


There ain’t any better than me for you. Don’t wish for more from me. Your heart's lies are like bubbles. Bubble bubble bubble pop,bubble bubble pop pop. What do you see when you look at me? Look me in the eyes and tell me. Your heart's lies are like bubbles. Bubble bubble bubble pop,bubble bubble pop pop

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+ SEOUL - MYDCT Chat ♡
$ SEOUL - Make Your Dreams Come True
$ Battle Of The KPOP Bands
$ Paradise

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