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Moshimoshi! Watashi wa Ldesu.

Hello. I am L.
You may or may not know but I am one of the greatest detectives in the world.
Actually I am all three. It's quite simple really. The three greatest detectives in the world. L, Coil, Danuve. They're all me. It's been in my experience that people who try to find me usually fall for this. I will give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret, okay?

As I was saying. I am working with Yagami Light, in order to find the mass murderer Kira.

10 Facts:

Fact 1: I have to sit the way I do. If I sit normally, my power of deduction will reduce by a factor of 40%.
Fact 2: If Misa doesn't get serious, I will kick her.
Fact 3: I've found that you don't gain weight if you burn calories by using your brain. Misa thought I called her stupid when I said that.
Fact 4: I am L. Wait did I say that?
Fact 5: I'm a lot stronger than I look you know.
Fact 6: I get Misa's cake.
Fact 7: If Misa had to choose between Light and Kira, who would she pick?
Fact 8: There is no reason for Light to be shy...nor serious.
Fact 9: Light is annoyed by the fact that I am the only one eating cake at the moment.
Fact 10: I am Suzuki, head of Kira's investigation public information division.

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