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At night, the trees of the forest brought a sense of life to it, their small, green leaves fluttered in the wind, the branches swayed as the gusts tugged and pulled at them as if trying to to get them to go somewhere else, and the branches did not want to do so. The pearly moon shined it's celestial light upon the ground through holes in the canopy of leaves and branches, causing shadows to dance in the light, filled with a breezy joy while the shadows stuck in the darkness that the azure night sky created sat still, sad and alone, wishing that they could share in the joy of the Moonlight Dance. The nearby stream sang its quiet, gentle song as its waters flowed down, providing sustenance for the flora and wildlife further into forest. The stream knew its purpose, so it never questioned why it had to give itself for others. The sense of importance was enough for it to be satisfied.

The night time birds sang their quiet songs, telling of nights past filled with the stars and the moon, which painted bright pictures in the dark canvas that was the night sky, night after night. The squirrel came out of its hiding place to find more nuts to save for a midnight snack later on, hoping with all its might that an owl or fox would not find it and end its nut craving. The Fruit bats snacked on the fruits of the trees, who gave their fruits willingly, glad to be of service to their bat customers. The balls of fluff called rabbits stayed in their hiding places, knowing that wolves frequented this area of the forest at night, and they knew that they would be safer during the day, when other animals were about to keep the wolves at bay, allowing the rabbits to do their day's share of nibbling. Somewhere, the screech of a forest mouse could be heard as a night owl picked it up in its sharp talons, ripe for dinner.

Another, less ratty "rat" fled her "owls" this night. Celeste Clair de Lune was being chased. By whom, she did not know. She only knew that shortly after she had run away from home to escape the disappointed and sad looks and atmosphere she knew hung about her friends and family, figures followed her at a distance, slowly closing in. She couldn't see them, but she knew they were close behind her. Blindly, did she run, as the darkness of night smothered the sight of where Celeste was going. The shadows watched her as she ran, indecisively trying to decide if they wished to part for her to see, or continue to bathe the way in darkness for pure sport. Shots of moonlight acted as waypoints for Celeste's path, for which she was thankful. Even though she had no idea where she was going, Celeste knew she had to get out of the forest, so that she could start her own life and live however she felt like she wanted to live. That was the way one should live, she thought. Without worry of judgement or prejudice or any foul behavior. It was her dream, and the elf maiden knew that that was a dream shared with a countless number of people in the world, and any worlds that may exist elsewhere. She felt that it was a good dream to have. Freedom did seem appealing, when one thought about it.

The sight of a large outline looming ahead of her brought Celeste a puzzling thought. Was it a big boulder or ledge she could climb up? If so, she could probably make good her escape if she could just reach that outline. She'd lose her pursuers most likely, and be free to start her life. A smile formed on Celeste's lips as she sprinted towards the ledge. Having run a lot over the years, Celeste's endurance and agility was very high, so she was able to manage running long distances without feeling too fatigued. Faster and faster she ran, that radiance of hope garnished her mind with a bright light, giving her a warmth inside. She knew she would be safe if she could only climb up that ledge. The time came that Celeste was only a few steps away from her target, but, the hope drained from her when she saw the ledge start to move towards her. Heavy breathing could be heard, and, once the figure stepped into the moonlight nearby, Celeste's eyes widened with fear, all hope of freedom, escape, and life left her, leaving her cold and despairing. What she had mistakenly taken as a ledge that she could escaped on was in fact, a large beast of a man, standing about nine feet tall. His muscles rippled in his arms, and he had an evil grin on his face.

Apparently, Celeste's pursuers had hired mercenaries to deal with her, knowing that they would not be able to reach her by themselves.

Celeste thought for a moment, trying to figure out what to do. In her panic, she had forgotten about her pursuers who had been behind her. She turned back the way she came, and started to run away from the big man. A few steps later, a piercing pain erupted in her stomach that made her gasp and Celeste tasted iron in her mouth as it began to flood with blood.The pursuers had caught up, and one rammed his sword into the elf's gut. Removing the sword from Celeste's body, the assailant kicked the girl's body onto the ground. "She won't be going anywhere. None of her heretical blasphemy against music will be spread to bring forth followers who would etch it out of life. That's one problem taken care of." Celeste's thought focused on who her killers were. The man's words made her realize that she had been followed by Music Extremists from her City in the Forest. Bent on fanatical obsession over music, this political group felt that music was the core of life, and anyone who despised it had no right to live, fully believing music to being the elven purpose on the planet. They were willing to do anything to prove their point, even if it meant killing the daughter of an influential elven noble family. No, especially if it meant killing the daughter of an influential elven noble family. They couldn't take any chances of her getting through to her parents, and then cause a movement to reduce the amount of music in the elven culture that existed in the city, if not completely. They had to make sure that no loose ends existed.

Celeste laid on the ground, her stomach bleeding, choking on the blood that had flowed into her lungs, thinking to herself, 'Why?' She had never planned to cause music to be taken away or plan a movement against it. She just wanted to escape music for herself. She didn't care if anyone else liked it. She was the only one who felt there was no point to it, and thus, thought about why she should like it if a point did indeed have lacking. She knew music was all over the place, and that she would have to deal with hearing it at times, but she also knew there were places devoid of music, and those places of quiet solace were what she had been after. But it seemed that her plans were taken away from her, and shattered into a million broken pieces, each one piercing her mental vital points as she died painfully.

Celeste felt herself being picked up at her last moments, and could finally hear the music of a nearby river. She knew of only one river in the forest, and that one end led to the ocean. The elf realized that her killers planned to dump her body in the river, to be carried out to the ocean, and hopefully lost forever. Tears fell from Celeste's eyes, blurring her already failing sight. She tried to fight and stay alive, but with every drop of blood she lost, so did she lose another second of living. The last sensation Celeste felt was one of swaying, as the beast man threw the body into the river after getting momentum in the swing. Luckily for Celeste, her last breath escaped her bloody lips before her body broke the surface of the river's water. She had died before even the edges of her dress got wet. The river cried, not for Celeste and her death, but because of the blood that the beast man had so carelessly poisoned it's waters with.


A bright light woke Celeste from her sleep, and she slowly awoke, rubbing the light from her eyes. Finally opening her eyes, Celeste looked around groggily for a moment. Suddenly, she was fully awake as she was taken by surprise as to where she was. Everywhere around her was white. Nothing but a constant whiteness in every direction. The "sky" was white. The "ground" was white. Everything everywhere was white. Not sure where she was, Celeste stood up shakily, and tried to take a step in a direction. She had no idea what direction that was, as she couldn't tell what way was which. Upon her foot hitting the "ground", a loud whistling sound came to Celeste's ears, and she felt a tug at her naval, and a brief second later, the elf found herself somewhere else, somewhere more full of things, and more able to be read.There was still a lot of white here, but instead of it being a white nothingness, this whiteness was cold and chilly, and looked like snow. The snow covered the ground, and the pine trees that stood tall and proudly nearby. Tiny flakes fell in the air, some floating around in twirly movements, as if they wanted to be different from the other snowflakes (as if shape wasn't already different). Celeste looked up and gasped. The sky was a dark purple, and she could clearly see what looked like giant spheres close to each other. One had something that looked like a large ring around it, and the other looked like it was made out of a gaseous substance. Around these sphere were a billion bright lights. Celeste recalled what those lights were called. Stars. They were stars. So maybe, maybe those big spheres were planets.

Never had Celeste imagined that she see such a sight, especially if she was on another world. After a moment of standing in awe, Celeste looked away from the sky, thinking it better to move than to stand still. An odd thought came to her mind. Although it was white and snowing, the bite of cold didn't nip at Celeste's body, which, upon looking down at herself, the elf realized was completely naked from foot to toe. Nothing so much as white cloth covered her body in any way. She didn't understand what was going on, or why she was completely naked, but that was the least important of her thoughts.

Absently covering her full, bare breasts with an arm, Celeste walked forward, hoping to find something that would help her figure out what was going on. A snowy white hill was in front of her, and the elf decided to climb the hill to see what was on the other side. Step after step, Celeste slowly climbed the hill, everything around her grew whiter the higher she got, as she was getting above the trees, and, as the tops of the trees were white with snow, she couldn't see their non-snowy bottom halves. The top of the hill was but a few steps away, and Celeste's mind raced with thoughts of what could be on the other side. Anything could be over there probably. After a snow that wasn't cold, a sky that had planets and dancing stars, and her being completely naked out of nowhere, Celeste was prepared for there to be anything on the other side of the hill that she so determinedly climbed. At least, that's what she told herself. What she saw when she reached the top of the hill took her breath away.

A glorious and maginficent looking snow capped castle rested on snow covered ground a distance away. Green and Blue flags waved bravely on tall poles though there was no wind that Celeste could feel. Come to think of it, the branches of the trees in the forest below moved about, but she hadn't felt any wind then, either. It was odd, but true all the same. Celeste started to walk down the other side of the hill, thinking to reach the castle and hopefully figure out if someone there could tell her what had happened. This was all confusing, no matter how glorious or how beautiful it all was. Bright lights spread their warm glow to the outside, giving a sign to Celeste that there was indeed someone who lived there. When she got close enough, the elf could hear, ever faintly, the sound of beautiful music playing from somewhere inside the castle itself. A frown came upon Celeste's lips, but, the castle being the only sign of life around, and her being rather naked and confused, the elf didn't really have any chance to be picky as to where she went right now. Well, at least not until she got some clothes on.

Eventually, Celeste reached the bridge that would lead her to the courtyard of the castle, and thus allow her access to the inside of the castle itself, if there weren't guards that would prevent her from going in, anyway. The bridge, she noted, was made of pure marble, and so were the walls that surrounded the gateway. Upon going through the gate, Celeste saw that courtyard floor was also made of marble, as well as the fountain in the middle that spewed forth a golden liquid that sprinkled the ground around it, giving off a rosy scent that was pleasant to Celeste's senses. Steel Statues were scattered about, depicting figures with smiles, or instruments, or both instruments and smiles. The sight of a funny looking man with what looked like a single instrument containing strings, drums, and windpipes all together in one mess brought a smile to Celeste's lips, and a giggle from her lungs. The man looked rather silly with such a contraption, but the smile he held on his face said that he enjoyed carrying it around.

After admiring the funny looking statue, Celeste continued on to the steel doors she had seen on the other side of the courtyard, past the fountain, the statues, and the beautiful snow covered pine trees that dotted the courtyard as they did the area outside the castle, the hill, and the forest past the hill where she had woken up initially. The music she heard was much louder here, and it got louder the closer she got to the doors. Upon reaching the doors, which were about ten feet tall, now that her six foot frame reached them, and she was able to tell their size, Celeste hesitated. She wasn't sure if she should just walk in unannounced, or knock first. What would happen if she went in at all? 'Well, I'm in no postion to hesitate or anything, I suppose. It's not like I can go back and do nothing, right? I have to go inside.' After these thoughts, Celeste hesitated for only a second more, then gently, yet loudly knocked on the doors with a fist. Upon the third knock, the doors started to open, slowly, yet serenely.

Celeste heard a voice come from within. It sounded female, and it was perhaps the most musical, and most beautiful voice she had ever heard. "Come in, Child. Please do come in. I've been expecting you." Celeste hesitated again, but walked into the castle hall. When she was in all the way, the doors closed behind her, and a figure appeared. It looked like a man, a butler type person. He had a trimmed white mustache, the side tips curled upwards. He was bald otherwise, but his smile gave a sense of warmth to his head. He wore a black suit, one that Celeste had never seen before.

The man bowed to Celeste, and then he spoke to her in a kind way. "Welcome, Lady Celeste Clair de Lune. The Queen of all the Music in the Universe awaits you. To your right is a dressing room with appropriate clothing, as I am sure you do not wish to remain as you are. Here, modesty and clothing are irrelevant. I could strip myself and run around stark naked if I so wished. However, her majesty has requested that I do not do so, so I do not do so. Pardon me, don't listen to the ramblings of an old man. Though I suppose I'm not really old, as I'm immortal, but I do look rather old, don't I?" The man wandered off babbling to himself.

Celeste entered the room that the man had indicated, and saw a beautiful dress on a table. The dress was snowy white with silver embroidery and stiching. It flowed as if a breeze eternally teased it in different directions at different intervals of time, giving it a flowy look. Icy looking slippers made of some sort of silky, yet sturdy material sat next to the dress, as if waiting to be put onto Celeste's feet and give them proper adornment. The sight took Celeste's breath away, just as the sight of the castle when she was at the top of the hill had. Celeste proceeded to dress herself. She was a little hysterical with the dress, as it looked a bit small. She thought it would be tight around the chest and the rest of her body in general. However, as she put it on, it seemed that the dressed shaped itself to fit the elf's figure perfectly, shaping out the curves her breasts made, the slender wave of her waist, and the slight slope of her hips and thighs. The same happened with the slippers, which molded to fit her feet gently. A mirror was nearby, and Celeste went to it to get a good look at herself. The sight was a surprising shock more than she'd ever experienced before.

It was as if she was in an entirely new body. She didn't know how she didn't notice it before, but all of her physical featues that she could see were different (her facial features were different too, but she couldn't see them before). She was taller, more graceful and slender. Her skin was a smooth pale color, and reminded her of a
whitish silk she had once seen. Her breasts were fuller, larger, noticeably in fact, and the elf had to stand sideways towards the mirror and squint to believe it for herself. Her lips were a bright red, and her cheeks had a rosy color to them. Her eyes were a beautiful violet color, and her hair, which was once a smooth, yet murky brownish color, was now a silvery platinum blond. It reached her hips in length and flowed smoothly down her back, like a flow of cream.

When she was done being astonished at her new look and was finished dressing herself, Celeste sighed contently, and left the dressing room. Upon looking to her right, she saw a beautiful woman, dressed in what looked like a short dress and she was wearing some weird frilly thing on her head. She spoke in a soft, youthful voice. "This way, Miss. Her Majesty is waiting for you. Might I add that you look spectacularly stunning, Miss." A small smile played across the girl's lips. Celeste returned the smile, and followed the girl down a long hall, which ended in a large polished woodend door. The man from before was standing there, waiting, the same smile he had had before on his face. He opened the door, and helped Celeste into the room. An air of calmness and peace surrounded Celeste, and her heart felt warm.

At the other end of the room, the most beautiful woman Celeste had ever seen sat on what looked like some sort of throne. The woman was dressed extravagantly in a dress the same color as Celeste's, this woman's dress was just more flowy and magnificent. The man with Celeste bowed towards the woman on the throne when they were rather close to her, and Celeste felt that she had to do the same, so she did, except instead of a bow, she curtsied.

The woman smiled. "No need for you to curtsy before me right now, Child. Now is a very special occasion for you, as it is for me as well. I am sure that right now you are confused as to who I am, and where you are. Let me ease your confusion. I am Abisylle, the Goddess of Music and Joy, and you are in my domain. You are here, because I have chosen you to be my avatar on your home planet. I have given you the Holy Task to spread joy and music throughout the lands, bringing an end to sadness and evil, making life easier for others. I know who you were in your previous life, and how you didn't think music was that great. But now, now it is perhaps one of the most important things in your life. Without it, you would be dead for naught. You are special to me, and no one else would I want to give this special assignment to. You will come to love music as part of yourself, believe you me. Now, it is time for you to return to your world, child, and begin your new life. Close your eyes, child."

Celeste closed her eyes, and the voice of the Goddess faded away.


Celeste reopened her eyes, and saw a bright blue sky, a golden sun, and no spheres or stars. It wasn't snowing, but it was raining, and Celeste felt wet droplets all over her body. Sitting up, Celeste looked around to try and figure out where she was, but she couldn't really tell. A faint voice entered her mind. "This is where your previous body ended up after being tossed in the river, thus this was where your remaining essence was, marking this as the best place to return you. Three years have passed on your world, since you had died that night. Much has changed, as you will see. Now go, my Avatar, and bring what happiness to the world you can."Celeste listened to the voice quietly. After it stopped, she stood up a bit clumsily. She was surprised when she felt a slight swaying on her back, and saw large shadows embrace the ground. Looking behind her, the elf was astonished to find that she now had two glorious wings, snow white and smooth as silk. Looking down her front, Celeste noticed that she had the feature of her body in the Goddess' domain, but the dress was different. This time, it was a simple white one piece dress that wrapped loosely about her body. It would take her a bit of time to get used to the new body, as it was significantly heavier up front, and now she also had wings on her back. She didn't know where she was, but she chose a direction (north) and started walking.

Five days later, the scenery around Celeste hadn't changed much, but she did find a small wooded area, that seemed like it could protect her from the rain for a while. It had not stopped raining once since she woke up, and Celeste didn't think it would stop anytime soon, so any time she spent being dry would be welcome. She wasn't sure if anyone lived nearby, or what things even lived here, and she didn't want to find out if things were hostile around there. She just hoped she'd find someone soon, so that she could find out where she was.

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