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Role Play Profile

"Welcome to my World."

"Hello everyone. My name is Gilbert Beilschmidt and I will just tell you some things about me. I am a nice guy when you get to know me. I love everyone and I love making new friends. I protect everyone I know and if you mess with my friends, then you are totally dead meat. I am a pacifist, don't know what it is? Well, I am against War and Violence. I keep my self into my own business, no one elses, unless I really need to. I am a very open guy and if you need a friend, i'm here for you. I love to help out new people so if you need something, just give me a shout and I'll make sure I'll get to you quickly.~ Now you know a little about me. Want to know more? Then keep reading."

●Cute Things

●Video Games

●Role Playing



●My Soul Sibling Taleesa



●The Internet

●My iPod Touch

●My Life








●Orientation Racisim

●Rap Music

●Annoying Spamming N00bs/Newbs/Noobies

●Justin Bieber


My Wifey

Lace, my sweet Wife, I love you dearly and I shall never stop loving you. You make me happy everyday and my heart will only be locked away, just for you only. I will do anything and everything for you because you are special to me. I have so many things to list about your pure, sweet, and loving personality. Millions of words can descibe how wonderful you are but only one can descibe them all. Perfect. Lace, always remember that you are perfect to me and to all, just remember that I will always let you steal my heart away for aslong as we live. Three words can never decribe how I feel about you but... I love you.

+ ℱamily ℛeunion

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