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Completed extern and passed my mod final. Yet I can’t seem to pass the mocks... super nervous to schedule the certification exam. BUt now I have a lot of free time and idk what to do with me self...

~ RMA, Future RN ~
~ Mid-twenties ~
~ Happily Taken ~
~ I don’t Cyber #SorryNotSorry~
~ Dying to get my own place again ~
~ Serious Baby Fever ~

+ The Past
+ Play Along
+ I spy...
$ Private 1x1
$ Remember Me
+ The Freshman, Booke One
$ Sorority Life U/C
+ Familiar
+ Don't judge a book by its cover
+ It's life...
+ Secrets and Lies
+ Foster Family
$ Love the lies. Hate the truth
$ The Real World of Brooklyn

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