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Who's asleep amidst the trees. that is all a swaying in the breeze, but once all eyes anxious wide awake. fearing no manner of ghouls, hags, and wraiths. Its a silent fallen mount. Cow's turn red as daylight dies, but once the one lies anxious spider web, for the witcher brave and bold paid in coin in gold. he will chop and slice you, gut and dice you eat you up whole, he'll eat you whole.

In the dark I have found fear, in this fear however I have found strength, in this strength I have found peace, and in this peace I have found myself. I am a warrior bound to no one but myself, I am an iron clad fighter who's skills are matched only with my wit and speed.
Role-play list and Characters

Role-play spots 12/15

Imperium --- Matthieu De Ange

rising azure --- Omi

Ruin --- Centurion/ Christopher/Alric

Line of Royal Blood --- Prince Erevan

Sword art online --- Candle, Alara, Cordelia

Alfheim Online --- Ari silvers/Candle

The Vlistonian Incident --- Alerian Van Anu Cornawal[Paused]

The Blood Crown --- Wel'ren Candle / Delori Ros Anu

The Ashen Wood Academy --- Wel'ren Candle

The Demi-God Wars 2x2 --- Matthew Rune

The Dark Mirror --- Alexander De ange


$ Chapter One, The mother's Call
$ Oasis Online (in progress)
$ Invited to the Stars
$ Heir of the Woods
$ Mind of a Monster
$ The Dark Mirror
$ Ashen wood Academy
$ The Blood Crown
$ F.C.B
$ Carnival of the Lost
$ Lines of Royal Blood
$ The |Age |Of | War

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