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Who's asleep amidst the trees. that is all a swaying in the breeze, but once all eyes anxious wide awake. fearing no manner of ghouls, hags, and wraiths. Its a silent fallen mount. Cow's turn red as daylight dies, but once the one lies anxious spider web, for the witcher brave and bold paid in coin in gold. he will chop and slice you, gut and dice you eat you up whole, he'll eat you whole.

In the dark I have found fear, in this fear however I have found strength, in this strength I have found peace, and in this peace I have found myself. I am a warrior bound to no one but myself, I am an iron clad fighter who's skills are matched only with my wit and speed.

Occ spots 3/3

The Broken Arrow Workshop -- Help Thread/ OCC

Es Originals Chat Thread

Carnival of the Lost Plot / Storage thread

Role-play list and Characters

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The Corrupted Sentinel --- Anjui Felwood | Ado Felwood |Lunas Sunfury | Javi Twinshade | Eci Bloodbane | Thodi Twistwood

Alfheim Online --- Anjui

The will of Shadows --- R&R Fused [RA]

The Wrong one --- Caveziel Inrei

Middle-Earth: Resurrection --- Arid

Under the Red Moon --- Anjui Shori

Immortal Hallowed Tales ---Christian Blind


$ Hallowed Immortal Tales
$ The Corrupted Sentinel
+ The Broken Arrow Workshop
$ Carnival of the Lost
$ The |Age |Of | War (LOCKED)

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