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Down in this whole its only a few feet deep. I finally found what is left of me. Its not worth my life, but don't pull me towards the light. I don't see the other side as the secrets that I hold could drag me all the way to hell.

You stole from me the air I breath, my innocents is broken, but your still my angel your that perfect painted picture. Your like a memory I won't forget especially when you whispered that You'll start a fire in my soul and watch it burn out of control.

All you saw was a heart that you thought you could break. Made it fall just so you could waist it. Bet you thought I wouldn't make it. I'll become your worst nightmare. I don't hate you for how you used me. Thanks for making me the monster I am today and walking away.

I want to save you, just give into me. I might cause a little pain, but they have nothing on me. I hold but one key. I was made to set you free. A dose of me is coursing through your veins because tonight we will slip away into your darkest fantasies, because I've got something you crave, Tell me all your secrets tell me all your lies, let me inside your dirty mind.

Role-play list and Characters

Role-play spots 16/15

Fate Worlds Collide --- overseer/ Alric/Beserk

Imperium --- Matthieu De Ange

Last Chance --- Alric Let Pare

rising azure --- Omi

War of the gifted --- candle

Love,Lust, and Liars --- Death

Ruin --- Centurion/ Christopher

Dragon's eye --- Torith/ Ediss

Return of The Hunger Games --- President Snow/ Alex

Unborn War --- Candle

Line of Royal Blood --- Prince Erevan

Sword art online --- Candle, Alara, Cordelia

Alfheim Online --- Ari silvers/Candle

The Vlistonian Incident --- Alerian Van Anu Cornawal

The Blood Crown --- Wel'ren Candle / Delori Ros Anu

The Ashen Wood Academy --- Wel'ren Candle


$ Ashen wood Academy
$ The Blood Crown
$ Fate Worlds Collide
$ The unborn World
$ F.C.B
$ Carnival of the Lost
$ Love, Lust, and Liars
$ Lines of Royal Blood
$ The |Age |Of | War

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