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Role Play Profile

My name is Ichigo Tenma!! I currently Live in Colorado Springs! I love fantasy video games, I think snow and cold are the most wonderful things, im an internet junkie and youtube is my friend along with DeviantArt. ^0^ IM A NINJA WOLF!!!! RAWRR!!! I am an Anime freak, I love my Asian dramas and when I leave to Japan my dream is to become a famous Manga-Ka. I consider the time of the Full Moon a party. ^^ i love j-rock, j-pop, visual-kei, harajuku rock, and gothic for my music. Amercian music these days just dont interst me anymore. Except maybe a few bands and singers. I like Pizza, Dango, Taiyaki, Ramen, Yakisoba and Pocky. I REALLY LOVE STRAWBERRIES!!! ^o^ And I like anything sweet and breaded. I like to enjoy something sweet every once and a while, is that so wrong? japanese sweets are tasty, but i like french sweets too. I love anime and manga because I have always believed that it was something that could make others express them selves woth out even realizing it. To me, Anime was something that always made me cry, laugh, even learn a lesson from what I was watching. Manga Is the same way, I learn a lot just from reading them and from my favorite novels. {)*3*)} So anyways, I love to draw, read, dance, sing, and write my own stories. ^^ Im not very good at sports but I do love tennis and swimming ^o^ I also love to listen to Celtic music. Irish music fascinates me so. I love to Role play but I have a few standards when I do. I do not like Roleplays that change the whole story, change the Original Anime/Manga Characters to others will, and I do not like it when they add characters to Certain Animes that don't need it. Other then that, feel free to add me in a Roleplay anytime you wish. My idols would be Gackt, Nana Mizuki, and Arina Tanemura. She drew the Full Moon series and did Gentlemans Alliance. I hope to be just like her one day. I just want to draw... Oh and I have a pet stuffed wolf named Grei. And I believe Snow and Cold are the most wonderful things. I act like a kid and some say I am a Kid at heart but I also know when composure and the ability to be patient is needed. I love to smile and when I don't people automatically can tell I am upset. Pleasure to meet You all... ~ Ichigo...
(P.S. This is literally what I look like in real life, just not anime and I have blue eyes and freckles XD)

favorite song at the moment

Covers I did for both a friend and because I love to sing. ^.~ If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all!!

~How am I?~

Feeling: ^o^;; ehehehe.... uhm just trying to find a nice roleplay with someone...

Status: Getting back into crafting and making charms again~! >w< Also trying to draw more.

~ Shout outs! ~

* I simply wish to say that I love to roleplay but I do have exceptions. I mentioned practically all of them in my About Me but I forgot the most important one: Do NOT make ur character or anime character become the center of attention. Its annoying and just plain rude. Thank you!

Also, I draw a bunch of my own characters so half of the time they are my own. XP please do not copy!

$ ~Being a Demon's Maid...~

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