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Role Play Profile

Work is busy again, replies will be up tomorrow afternoon sorry about the delay.

I'm Hubris or Sarah, whichever you want to use is fine by me. I'm British, 22, female and currently living in Wales.

I'm pretty into ancient history and classical texts, so if you're familiar with anything like that and would like to rp it I would likely love you forever in a non-creepy way. Apart from this I rp most things, if you ever want to start one just let me know, sci-fi and fantasy are favourites though. ^^

Hmm I'm not really sure what else there is to tell, I'm pretty into pc gaming, so if that floats your boat I'd likely be up for gaming with you sometime if you have anything that I do.

For now I suppose that is everything, if you want to snoop into my life more just let me know and I'll either chat to you, or cry or something.

+ This is not really much of a title.
+ notes
$ Lord of the rings.
+ LoTR 1x1 search
$ For Yukisukano
+ 1x1 Search (Thrilling I know)

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