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Role Play Profile

Name: Kaylee

Nickname: Tally

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Status: Taken

Location: U.S.A

Age: 15

Birth day: Dec, 4th

Horoscope: Sagittarius

Religion: None

Fav Animal: White Tiger

Fav Character: Hidan, from Naruto.

Fav food: Catfish.

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Note: I am not a Leader, I am a follower. I am very submissive, I cling to a few people every now and then, depending on my mood and the situation around me.

My personality: I am a nice and easygoing person, but I am also a bit high-strung as well. I can jump from happy to sad and any other emotion in a snap. I am also a kiss up big time "Warning". I like to make others happy and sometimes keep to myself or I might just say to much. I am always listening even if I don't know what to say. I am a bit slow and look and things in a different way then others. I get jealous real easy though and I am really obsessive over certain things and people. "Hint: Dylan and Tobi"


TOBI!/Bubba! Hidan, Reading, Drawing, Daydreaming, Writing, Being with Dylan, Making others laugh, Being random, Learning new things, Trying new things, Dragon's, White tigers, Lol Dr.pepper, Playing with Sandy, Joking around, Being outside at night, Animals~, Pokemon, Meeting new people, RPG's, Rap, Country, THREE DAYS GRACE <3, One Piece, Naruto, Dream eater, Death note, Vampire knight, Sonic, Spyro, Bleach, DBZ, Mythical stuff, Paranormal stuff, Evanescene.


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