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Role Play Profile

not really that much to say about me, been roleplaying for years, done D&D, instant message RP, then i got told to try this out because i missed good RP storys, and low and behold i found a few good ones, i'm online most of the time so expect fairly fast reposts if i'm online,
i'm a big music lover, perticularly Cybergoth, Industrial Rave, Metal, or just normal Rave...somthing with a bouncy beat to it, i love anime, and i love roleplaying, so yeah, in a nutshell...thats me

RPs i love doing are Pokemon styled, Fantasy Medievil, Fantasy Future. Can't say i'm a fan of realistic, their just not as fun as being a fantasy being or being in a fantasy world.

If you happen to join my RPs, please tell me if your going to be inactive or leave...its annoying having to wait for posts that will never happen

+ Legend of Zelda: Link to the Gorons [1x1 closed]
+ Legend of Zelda: Alternate Universe [need people]
+ Doctor Who: The Color of the Universe (closed)
+ looking for a 1x1 rp partner
+ Doctor Who: The End Of The World

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