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Welcome to the World of Insanity. There is NO WAY OUT- so make yourself comfortable. Don't worry though, you'll have plenty of company.

Knowledge Needed to Survive Here

Name:Catherine. Call me catt or Cathy, or really anything else that isn't insulting... Or insulting, IDC.
Age: 21
((turning 22 on Nov. 23, 2019!))
Personality: Too contradictory of itself to possibly be put into words
Current Object Of Hate: The complexity of FAFSA applications.

Permanent Object(s) of hate: Drama, and April Fools Day.

I made my profile page years ago, including what is above and what i have now deleted. Might make this better later, if I can get off my lazy butt. Until then, bye!

+ Bloody Prophecy
+ Like a River Rock
+ Bloody Fate
+ Bloody Banquet
+ Blood Match
+ Be my Buffet (1x1)
+ World of Magic
+ The Vamp and the Bouncer
+ Cruel Fangs
+ Give Me Your Blood
+ Sweet Blood (1x1)
+ Beautiful Fangs
+ The Grimm Assassin Academy
+ Starving Fangs (1x1)
$ Lustful Fangs
+ Lustful Fangs and a Bare Neck
+ Stupid Mistakes make Happy Vampires
+ 1x1 for wolfie~
+ His Lust for Her Blood
+ Hate Sweetens Blood
+ Blood Stained Rose
+ Bloody Lust
+ lovely fangs (yuri 1x1)
+ Blood Stained Rose.

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