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Role Play Profile

Welcome to the World of Insanity. There is NO WAY OUT- so make yourself comfortable. Don't worry though, you'll have plenty of company.

Knowledge Needed to Survive Here

Name:Catherine. Call me catt or Cathy, or really anything else that isn't insulting... Or insulting, IDC.
Age: 20
((turning 21 on Nov. 23, 2018!))
Personality: Too contradictory of itself to possibly be put into words
Current Object Of Hate: My life.

Permanent Object(s) of hate: Drama, and April Fools Day.

Helpful Info

Type of people I strongly dislike: Bullies, harassers, know-it-alls, cocky people. Spammers.

Things I dislike: Being mad, not being able to eat, being bored, waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting. And spicy food. :P

Things I love: being me, being original, being weird, and being weird. Oops, I repeated that one. Did I mention I love being insane? Oh, oh, oh! And making a fool of myself is fun!

Things I like: Virtually anything not listed on the above dislikes lists.

Types of people I love/like: pretty much every kind of person not on the above list of people I strongly dislike.

People You Should Never Hurt, Or I Will Kill You:
1. Bloody_Fang
2. Any friends of Bloody_Fang
3. Bloody_Fang.
4. Fang (nickname for Bloody_Fang)
5. YOU HURT BLOODY_FANG, I WILL MURDER YOU IN YOUR SLEEP, EVEN IF IT IS AGAINST MY RELIGION!!! (I'll just murder you in my imagination since I am against violence 0:) )
6. Elektra Morgan
7.Bloody--- Hell, just don't hurt anybody, okay?
and, any others I might have missed. Most of you are friends of Fang. If you do not see yourself on this list, and you should be here, please notify me. The reason could be that we lost contact, I have not forgotten you though.

If you are bored, click here


This is me:

Me around puppies when nobody is looking...

This is about to get Lucky Star crazy.......



My other major obsession! DO NOT HATE!

what happens when you give the show a chance:

Yes I LOVE MLP: FiM so much that I need a whole separate section for gifs... But I will go easy on you and only put a few here.

When I put: :( I am crying
When I put: :'( I am curled up in a ball sobbing my heart out silently.
When I put: D: I am laying in my bed too depressed to shed a tear.
When I put: :) I am wondering if anyone really likes me.
When I put: :D You just succeeded in making me actually smile
When I put: xD You made me forget my pain and laugh
When I put: >.< it means I am so utterly shy around you that it embarrasses me
When I put: <3 It means that, to me, you are irreplaceable.

If you are sad or depressed and value a true friend, repost.

Still not sucked into the insanity yet? Then you may go away now! Bye!

+ Like a River Rock
+ Bloody Fate
+ Bloody Banquet
+ Blood Match
+ Be my Buffet (1x1)
+ World of Magic
+ The Vamp and the Bouncer
+ Cruel Fangs
+ Give Me Your Blood
+ Sweet Blood (1x1)
+ Beautiful Fangs
+ The Grimm Assassin Academy
+ Starving Fangs (1x1)
$ Lustful Fangs
+ Lustful Fangs and a Bare Neck
+ Stupid Mistakes make Happy Vampires
+ 1x1 for wolfie~
+ His Lust for Her Blood
+ Hate Sweetens Blood
+ Blood Stained Rose
+ Bloody Lust
+ lovely fangs (yuri 1x1)
+ Blood Stained Rose.

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