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Role Play Profile

Hey!!! I'm an otaku and I love to rp ^,^!!! I like being random to. I love music and anime, and I think I'm a cool person.
I am team I.D.C. in the grammar war
My lognest reply so far is over 2,000 charas!
I love all my rps!
(MY chibi. Someone made it for me 6,^)
OK GUYS WARNING!!!!! I am moving this next couple of weeks, so I will be on her very little. If I DONT REPLY I DID NOT DITCH!!! I SWEAR!

+ Deidara x OC
+ For Grellsgirl
+ Death Note Yaoi
+ Fight between Supernatural Gangs
+ Highschool Rivalry
+ 2 Girls x 1 Boy
+ Demon General x Demon Queen
+ Female Teacher x Male Studente
+ Superhero x Supervillain
+ Itachi x Kakashi Partner Wanted!!
+ Maid Yaoi
+ Halloween Rp!
+ Camisado!
+ Avengers RP!
+ for NekoScribe13
+ For LLawlietLookALike 3
+ For LLawlietLookALike 2
+ For LLawlietLookALike
+ The Life Of The Uchiha's.(All characters open.)
+ Zero x Kaname Partner Wanted!
+ Yuki x Haru
+ Yuki x Haru!
+ St. Landon University
+ Death Note Yaoi
+ Death Note Rp!

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