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Post. fff.

Top Hat Tango

Rest in your lively-hood, Life. I may actually miss you when you're dead.

So complex.


The genderless

Name: Figure it out, it's not too hard.

Age: Too naive for you to care.

Sex: They still haven't told me. Come back later.

es Relationship status:

rl Relationship status: ._. <3

Uhm. Yep.

I never became what they thought I was going to be. I wasn't what they wanted. I wasn't in
that kind of power
. I wasn't their
. But, looking now, I'm rising. And there's not a thing I would change to take back the very delusion that I was meant to be as low for you to be in spitting reach.

I must be egotistical or something. mainstream.

I suppose, if you wish to write with me, send me a private message or something. It's simple, scroll up. See that? Yeah. It says you can send me a private message. Miraculous, hm? anywhore. I'm usually quite open for new role plays, so just let me know if you need a position. I usually tend to play males, be warned. But, I can string up a good female character here and there.


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