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Role Play Profile

Username: IvoryColoredLeaves

Real Name: Nana

Age: 18 and a half

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Religion and Beliefs: Christian

Status: Taken by Gummii-chan <3

I am free to roleplay at any time. I enjoy anime and I enjoy real. But be aware, I enjoy yaoi the most.

As for animes, I will only roleplay Durarara!! or Hetalia. Or an original idea with original characters of course.

As for real life role plays I will only do original ideas. And only yaoi. Unless you convince me.

If you convince me to do a straight roleplay in either category, I will only play male. I'm not a girl, no matter what you may think of my name.

I will only roleplay with people that can get over 1000 characters and know how to spell. I support good grammar and punctuation, so remember that.

I'm free for any roleplay at the moment, but I wont accept over a thousand


+ For Jilly
+ For Gummii-chan
$ Wanting A Yaoi Roleplay :. Closed Now! .:
$ :. Loving My Life .:
$ Kill Me If You Want {Shizaya}
+ Hetalia Yaoi {Russia and Prussia}
$ Dangerous Streets {Yaoi 1x1}

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