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Role Play Profile

Name: Xephos/Xephy
Age: 25
Gender: Whatever
Marital Status: No
Currently: Lurking/writing
Status: I'm an alien and better than you.
Notes: I do not RP on this accout. If you wanna RP, message _Ignis or _JeremyHapHap (most likely _JeremyHapHap). Otherwise get the fuck out of my PMs.
More Notes: I most likely won't like you at first. I'm not inherently mean, but me being polite does not mean I'm your friend. Try to get to know me first, and I will return the favor.

Disclaimer: None of the artwork/gifs on this profile are mine. They are property of the respective owners, and I am borrowing them because they're cool. Please do not steal the artwork and try to claim it as your own.
One Last Note: Do not PM me about anything I write in my journals/Journal Entries unless I've stated that its okay in the entry. This is your only warning. Any breach of privacy after reading this warning WILL earn you a block.


Contact Info

Kik: Commander_Xephy
Skype: the-arctic-beatles

$ Xephy's Place
$ The Ex-Heiress and the Hunter
$ ♫You Came and Dug Me Up Into a World Full of Violence♫
$ The Legend of the Land, the Sea, and the Twilight [Of Skylords and Demi-Gods, v.2]
$ ♫A Restless Sleep Through An IV High♫
$ Of Skylords and Demi-Gods [and the ones in-between.]
$ Xephy's Egoraptor-Sized Rants
$ J.A.F.F.A Quest

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