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I know of sin by the things you used to pray;

I know the truth and of all your ways;

I know of hell by the light at its entrance;

I won't believe your lies, rid me of your presence.

"Don't listen to the rebels screams and dreams;

If it's not told by us its not what it seems;

If you listen you'll fall into their control;

If you ain't got money, we can't save your soul."

All your people sit in woe;

How can you say its just so;

All your people feeling low;

Your just putting on a show;

Time to tell the devil hello.

I know of sin by the things that you used preach;

I know that your heaven's out of my reach;

Its time for you to quiet your blasphemous screech;

I've seen a kingdom that's not far away;

Its brightly colored unlike your world of gray;

I shall not bow and I shall not pray.

Nobody prays until they think they are done;

Don't believe in God till a war's to be won;

I know the truth cause the lies I've been told;

The lies that you said are starting to unfold.

All gods people sit in wait;

The angles he sent are late;

The lines long at the golden gate;

The last messiagh has yet to come;

But dear don't start feeling glum;

Just cause the ones you follow are scum.

You won't fit in unless you put on a disguise;

I am a demon cause there's fire in my eyes;

You say you were saved but where is the rumored son;

You haven't won untill we say its all over and done.

For the people you say you fight;

You tell them that heaven shines bright;

But you don't tell them its lost its light;

The golden gate is getting rusted;

The people would surely be disgusted;

If you all were to ever be busted.

So I'll leave it at that;

To you I tip my hat;

Cause your wallets grow fat;

From the stories you tell;

I can hear you chime your bell;

But I won't go, guess I'll see you in hell.



Go ahead and ask me to join a role play if you want.

I will most likely join as long as you know that I'm some what literate.

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