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Role Play Profile

Also,my Xbox Live Gamertag is "LookMilk xD Moo" if you want to add me.This is my Live GT,not my offline one,so it doesn't have much to boast about on it.:P

My shitty profile.

Welcome to the profile of
My name?Oh my...
Well,that seems to be of no importance to you,deary...How about Shadow for now?
My in human years,112 in dog years,if that's relevant to what you're looking for...I just had a birfday,so...
My sexuality...I am homosexual,I like penis...
If you don't like that,I will now kindly ask you to leave,dear.
I am a boy...But,sometimes I feel like a girl...
I have a lot of friends...too many to count,Miss/Mister Stalker/Friend/Enemy...
If you want to talk to Shadow,PM.If you want to Roleplay,PM.If you want to rant,PM...I'm always here to rant on.
Oh dear.......The exit?Pity,I wanted to have you for dinner...with a side of steamed veggies but no matter,no matter.You can find the exit by clicking somewhere not on my profile,and not on my recent threads,Mister/Miss Stalker.I bid you adou.Dismissing wave.

+ Kira's not dead.
+ Akatsuki Reborn.
+ SurviveTheNight... ooc.:3
+ SurviveTheNight...(Open.Join.:D)
+ AxelxRoxas c:

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