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Hey guy's, the only time I have to post on here in on my phone. I am sorry if I don't post a whole lot.
Gender: Female
Status: Taken bitches! ; D
Likes: Hmm. Happy people, candy, food, animals, roleplay, baseball, football, swimming.
Dislikes: Mean people.. idk that's about it..
Favorite color: Black & blue
Favorite types of movies: Horror, Comedy, Mystery, and Chick Flicks
Favorite animals: Any animal
Favorite bands: That's alot of bands to name..
Height: 5'6"
Other random stuff:
-I've never been in love. I've loved someone but never in love.
Advise for anyone: -Never change for someone. If they like you then it was ment to be, but if you change you will never know if they really love you or the person you became.
-Live life at the bottem even if your at the top.

Dedicated to Chris:
I love the way you are.

I love the way you look at me.
I love the way you hold me.
I love the way you kiss me.
I love the way you touch me.
I love the way you joke with me.
I love the way you smile at me.
I love the way you are sarcastic with me.
I love the  way you talk to me.
I love the way you are.
I love the way you smell.
I love the way you complain about everything.
I love the way you greet me.
I love the way you reject smoking.
I love the way you kiss me good bye.
I love the way you say "All of a sudden." and then just stare at me all cute.
I love the way you give me a pouty look.
I love the way you dress.
I love the way your hair is.
I love the way your eyes shine in the lights.

Whats the longest post ever?? Hmm just over 6,600 char.. Don't believe me.. Check it out.

A loud crash from the tiny kitchen that was 10 feet away and through a door woke the boy. His eyes flew open and he looked at the clock on the bed side next to him it read almost 8AM. He groned and rolled over. "It's to early for this crap." he yelled knowing no one would really hear him. But a small stir made him look over at his little sister. He quickly got up and went over to her and kneeled next to her bed.

Her eyes slowly opened. "Hi Petey. What happened to your face?" the small cute vioce said up to her big brother.

The boy smiled at the name his little sister, Anabell, called him. She has called him that since he could remember her ever talking. She is 6 and the cutest little thing you can ever see. He smiled. "Good morning, And I got into another fight." he said kissing her forhead. He picked her up out of the small bed and he carried her to the small bathroom. He set her on the floor. He went over to the bathtube and he turned on the water.

He waited till the bath fulled up to mid section and he shut off the water. He went back over to his little sister. He pulled off her shirt and her bottems. He picked her up and set her in the bath. He grabbed a pitcher and fulled it with the water. "You know the drill." he said waiting. Then she closed her eyes plugged her nose with her right hand and she tilted her head back. And then he poored the warm water over her head. He repeated this two more times making sure her hear was wet.

He picked up the small bottle read Shampoo. No Tears" he poored some on his hands and he closed the bottle. Herubbed his hands together and scrubbed that shampoo into her hair. "What did you dream about this time?" he asked her.

The small girl opened one eye to look up at her brother. "Well this time you were fighting off this evil monster that lived deep in the ocean." she went on about other details. She always had to most crazest dreams but he was always the hero and it always took place in the water. He loved to hear them and she was always wanting to tell someone.

He washed the shampoo out of her hair and he pulled the no tangles conditioner from the top of the tub. He scrubed that into her hair. "Stand up." he said grabbing the soap. She stood up and he soaped up her body making sure she was all clean. He rinsed off her body and drained the tub. He grabbed and lion towel that her grandma who died the summer before made all of her grandchildren. He wrapped it around her small body and he pulled her out of the tub and dried off her body. He set her on the floor to let her go potty.

She dragged the towel with her and walked over the towel against the far wall. She sat on it and did her buisness. Petter walked out pulled out some clothes for her to wear. He walked back into the bathroom to see her washing her hands. He set the clothes on the counter for her and he walked over to the toilet and he flushed it. He knew she always forgot. He helped her get dressed, he pulled out a small brush and gently brushed her hair, then he went out with her to the kitchen.

The boy saw his mother and her loser of a boyfriend in another arguiment. There was a busted vase on the floor. Which he could only assume that was what woke him up. He set Anabell on the chair and went to get her favorite cereal which was Captin Berries. He pulled out a small red plastic bowl and poored the cereal into it. He went over to the fridge and looked for the milk. There was braley any left but just enough for her breakfast. There was some left and he finished the rest. He gave the bowl to his little sister.

He walked back into his room to get ready. He pulled off his clothes and pulled on a new pair of boxers, a plain T-Shirt, and a pair of dark skinny jeans. He grabbed his small bag. He put in a extra shirt and a extra pair of pants for his little sister, she had to go to kindergarden today. He pulled on a pair of black vans. He slung the bag over his sholder and walked out of his room. He went into the kitchen and put a snack and water in there for her.

Anabell was ready and waiting for him by the door. Petter smiled at her. "You ready?" he asked. She nodded. "Did you put your bowel away?" he asked her. She nodded. "Did you put it in the washer?" he asked her. She was starting to nod then she ran to the kitchen you could hear an opening of a dishwasher and then closing. She walked out a secong later and stood infront of him smiling. "Good." he said opening the door.

He stepped out seeing it was hot and sunny. He walked over to the mini van he had to drive. He opened the back door and picked up his little sister and he put her in her car seat. He buckled her in and he shut the door. He went around to the drivers seat and opened the door and started up the car. He pulled out of the drive way and headed to the school that wasen't to far away..

He pulled into the parking lot and parked the car. He got out and helped his sister out. He took her hand and walked her to the front of the school. He went through the large double doors and walked her to her class. "Have a good day." he said waving at her as she walked to her class.

He turned around and walked back to the car. His mother was there waiting for him to take the keys, his mothers loser boyfriend dropped her off here so she could take the van to work so that made him walk home every day. He walked up to her and handed her the keys. He walked away not really wanting to talk with her. He walked across the street and walked into the dark alley. There was someone waiting for him at the end of the alley for him like every day.

The tall guy stepped from behind the garbage can. He walked up to Eric and started to punch him in the face. Then he started to punch him in the gut. The man kicked his legs making Eric fall to the ground. Eric had not really known why this stranger beat him but he never asked him and never fought back. When the man had his fill he walked off letting the small boy lay in the gravel.

Eric slowly picked himself up off the ground and he limped towards the opening of the alley. He rested against the wall and he tried to relax. A few minutes pasted and he had not heard someone approach him but his eyes flew up when he heard a voice that made his skin crawl. "Excuse me, what are you doing here?" the voice said. He could not belive such a voice belonged to such a beautiful girl.

He hesitated before he spoke up. "What do you mean what am I doing here?" he asked her not really understanding what she had ment. He looked into her eyes and wondered if she was real of his mine was fucked up alittle.

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