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Freedom 4 life

I have my own style in life, don't like it, fuck off, I'm free, chaotic and will always do what I think is right.

can I be done with people? I think I am

take my

take my

take me where I can not stand
I don't care I'm still

You can't take the
from me
Browncoat for life

welcome to my own little world

the world is full of chaos and insanity, better to be swallowed up by it then to fight it

Nothing is as it appears, anything can be a lie, the smiles can be masks, the happiness a shield so others don't worry. the strongest might vary well be the weakest among us.

I Believe in Freedom, freedom of everything, nothing should be controled, nothing should be chained down, all should be free, anyone who takes away freedom, tries to chain something up, tries to cut something down and make it theres...
I'm coming after them.
you tell me whats right

and I'll show you your wrong

you show me what religion is right

and I'll show you the problems and solutions of religions

you tell me what type of government is the best

and I'll show you the flaws of ALL things political

you tell me what racial group is best.

and I'll show you the human race is the best.

you show me music that is cool

and I'll show you all the music that is amazing

you say I can't do something

and I'll show you I can do everything and much more.

say I can't learn this

and I'll learn everything there is to know.

you tell me I can't help you

and I'll change your life

this is my punk attitude.

My stubborn Pride.
and my philosophy.
Let me show you...

Here are we
We who are not saints
nor are sinners
Those who stand for their own morels
not those placed onto us

Here we are
We who are not saints
for we indulge in our own pleasures
and willing to harm others

Here we are
We who are not sinners
for we wish to help others
and willing to protect our own

We who are not saints nor sinners.
Who fall between the cracks.
Who find no place to call their own.

Not in the black nor the white.

Here we are.

Neither saints or sinners.

Fire represents what I am, both sides of Chaos...and I shall keep the fire strong for those in the dark to find there way. and burn those who try to spread darkness.

fuck those fascism
fuck those controllers
what do they have?
control by fear and minipulation, makeing everone be like them.
individuality is what I go for.


Right now I can feel the world is spinning
Right now fight for a new beginning
Right now
and light the shape of the world your living and I'm sticking with the fuse so tight

My rant about ES and some of its stupid roleplayers
By Aztook (me :D)
I wonder how ES became so dead.
I mean really most of the RPs are rehashed things, most of it is not that original, and then I got to laugh at the yaoi/yuri RPs because...Idk I just have a hard time understanding why people have to call it yaoi and yuri, can you not just call it homosexual? or gay? or lesbian? if you call it yaoi yuri it shows me your probably really just some stupid otaku (and I Mean the real stupid ones, not the cool ones) who make all the crappy fanfics that I would just LOVE to burn and then kill you vary vary slowly.
A great love is a lot like a good memory. When it's there, and you know it's there, but it's just out of your reach, it can be all that you think about. Then you can focus on it and try to force it, but the more you do, the more you seem to push it away. But if you're patient and you hold still, well maybe, just maybe, it'll come to you.

when the time comes will you be in the crowd saying nothing

or will you be remembered as the person who stood up and did what you knew was right

Against what was wrong and hurting the people around?

Will you yell at them while the people whisper behind there back?

Can you do it?

Can you even imagine it?

Can you fight for it?

The time has come to yell out

To scream

To take the pain

The sorrow

The anger that they have shoved at us

And throw it right back and break free

Can you even break free?

The lies that have been spread

The hate and pain that injected into us

Do we sit there in that seat and take it?

Or do we break free?

Takin the shit for years and we gotten so used to it

We take it down and let the chains come around us.
We can’t break

We don’t want to

Scared of the change

Scared of the rage that will come at us

Promises broken

Lies spoken

Truths hidden in plain sight

Death all around while we sit and take the chain

So I just got one thing to ask through this

Through the Order that is Chaos

The control that is Anarchy

Can you break free?

so many roads

i walk along side this one way rode of life.
ive been fallowing it sense the day i was born
but now as i see up cuts off in many paths
all of them look nice, but i can see desater far off with some of them
i am confused and unsure to where to go
so many roads to go which way to go?

i look seeing many difrent things with them one has fire while the other has ice, one a dog, the other a cat, a wolf, a city, a country,
so many roads to go, which way to go?
as i stand there stairing at all the roads i think up and smile and step off the road,
of course many people think you are crazy for doing this
but i am now a sane person
a person stuck in the middle
i have given up the path and gone my own way towards the sun
so many roads...but none of them are mine

theres many version of it
puppy love
fan love
but true love...that's a hard thing to find
for once you have a taste of just a little bit of love...
you become addicted to it. once you lose that first love
you attach to the nearest...
that is never the smartest thing...
it always becomes a disaster...
even second and third love can hurt...
the greatest thing in the world
but also the most dangerous

screw ninjas and pirates
I want to see cowboys and pirates go at it



well are you?

to my true friends
you all know who you are

i'm so glad I know who my true friends are, who will stand by me and who understand what I do, and will help me when I do loose my way and help me get back on track, and most all, just believe in me.

I sometimes get depressed and become a bit of a jackass and even sometimes an ego-maniac, but still it seems they still stick around and help me through all that and we all still have fun.

I'm glad I have these true friends of mine...


So I guess thats all you need to know from me, need to know more ask me, Alright?
well just one more thing to say I guess,

$ -blank-
$ Simple lives are never that simple (1x1 LovelessLace)
$ Demonic trouble (SS HB)
$ 1x1 for me and Panda-Hero
$ 1x1 Nanalee-Aztook
$ 1x1 for me and Dark_Raven
+ Guild of Chaotics (OOC for freedom fighters)
$ 1x1 sonicspeedx13 - xLove_Me_Deadx
$ Aztook's OOC Tavern of no drama<open for anyone>
$ Guided in the dark (1x1 for drainedblood and me)
+ Nanalee and Sonic
$ NanaleeXsonic 1x1

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