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Role Play Profile

Name; William

Alias; Dante.

Age; Old Enough.

Sexuality; Asexual.

Relationship Shit; Single All the way around.

Bio; What do you want? I'm just some random guy that you know nothing about. But I will clue you in on somethings, I love my music and I love anime and video games. Square Enix and Capcom have some of my favorite games. My music tastes tend to revolve around metal. That's all you need to know about me.

Mi Familia; HinataHyuuga is my other half. Even though she is annoying as fuck sometimes, she is still my sister. The End.

Likes; Music, Anime, Games, Devil May Cry, Haunting Ground

Dislikes; Annoying people, Bitchy Ass Girls, cutters, stupid people, Suicide, Hospitals, Doctors.

Favourite Colour; Black.

Least Favorite Colour; Pink.

Least Favourite Person; My Fucking Parents. Both of them.

Favourite Person; No one.

Info; HinataHyuuga is my twin. We both hate our parents with a passion, and cannot wait to get the fuck out of the house. Until then, we are stuck in here. I have no plan on dating anyone on this site, or in real life. I may make a few exceptions, if I ever find any. Oh, and I only roleplay straight roleplays. No Yaoi or Yuri for me.

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