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I have found myself Lost.

The boards creek with each step,
My ship teeters atop the swells,
The stars have all gone out with no land to be seen,
I am a drift,
Sailing across the darkness,
Eerie silence fills the hull, The air,
I can't speak,
I can't sleep,
I can't hear,
But I can see,
I can see every wave as it crashes against what is left of the hull,
I can see every breeze sweep across the emptiness of the deck,
I can see every last breath I've taken as I sink beneath the surface,
Only to awake stiff, exhausted,
And cold against the icy boards of the deck,
I have died every day on this ship, but I still don't know...
Am I dead?

$ Guild Wars.
$ S'Laderia
$ The Guild Hall.

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