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Role Play Profile

I am the prowler in the night.
I am the fear in your heart.
I am the roar in the distance.
I am the fury buried deep inside you.
I am the king of nature.
I am the primal force.
I am the voice of Mother Nature.
I am the vessel of you demise.
I am the claws and the teeth that rip you apart.

Name- Aaron B.
Sex- Male
Sexuality- Straight
Hobbies- Football, football and football

Momo- She is a great master that has always protected me.
Star- My amazing master that always chats whenever she is online.

I need my pets!
Natalia <3

People I dislike-
Tiffa- She ignores me for no reason and normally does not like talking to me. But she has no reason to, I am suppose to be her ES son too, what a great mother <3

If I forgot you, please by all means PM me so I can add you

+ 1x1 (for Darkelf)
+ I am in love... with my sister?!?! (1x1, need female)
$ Me and Shen
$ Loner
+ Fighting is bad for love.
+ Chat for me and Tiffa
+ Chatz
+ 1x1 need female
$ Chat for me and Babygirl
+ Romance 1x1 for krpyotickay
+ Romance (1x1, need female)
+ 1x1 (for Unknownlove)
+ Romance random
+ 1x1, Need Female (closed)
+ Chat for me and Katie
+ Name this song!
+ Chat for LILSHIRO
+ Chat!
+ The lycan and the woman
+ Romance, 1x1, needs female
+ Chat! for premiepower
+ Chat! For Luka!
+ Chatting....(lilshiro, come here!)
+ Needed.... (female needed)
+ Chat! For Kikio26 and Kezi16

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