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An open letter to her

I don't know if you will ever read this... I don't know if i ever want you to. I feel this is the best place to leave final thoughts and wishes the place i met you all those years ago... The truth is i still love you I never stopped. I need to admit there is no one else I lied because i wanted you to hate me... to leave me... you deserve a real person to love to hold... someone to be what i can't be in the end. Over these past few years as I have felt distance form between us so much has happened in my life. I'm a broken person now my home abuse has only gotten worse and I lost my closest friend from under me. My depression and social anxiety have grown more and more though I am still being refused treatment or help... I never told you because i did't want you to worry I thought i could carry on... but i can't not any more. I hoped that if you hated me and left then when i disappeared you would have closer you wouldn't feel any pain. I wanted to just slip away and never tell you what was real but it hurts to much to leave things unspoken. I am so sorry cita... and i hope in the end you can forgive a stupid child like myself for not being able to be what you deserve and i hope so badly that you can find someone worthy of your love because no matter what anyone may say or think to me you have always been the perfect mate... I just wish i could have had the strength you do.

This will be my end here please find happiness and I know i deserve whatever hatred you feel towards me

to Dragoncita


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