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"Always looking to the skies."

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= [K]ido(そら。
<- real name figure it out
)= [F]emale = [T]omboy = [S]ingle =

I'm too Positive to be Doubtful Too Optimistic to be Fearful..And too Determined to be DEFEATED!


I do any roleplays, I prefer more female characters but I play both genders. I am semi-literate most of the time however if I'm not lazy I can be literate or if I'm not busy. Don't be mad if I'm too lazy or busy to post.

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$ [ Y A O I ] [N]aru[S]asu
+ [ N ] a r u t o - [ F ] a n - [ C ] l u b !
+ S O U L E A T E R - C l u b
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