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notice: i am very mentally ill so i am taking a break.

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a garbage boi stink man.

tbh i kinda hate myself but that's okay im working on editing this but whatever. hey im muta, im a literate writer but lowercase letters are aesthetically pleasing. this tired looking boy on my profile is an oc i am working on named chacco. hes an esper and a huge dick. so yeah pm me. i love coding and editing shit. i like to do it when i am anxious which is all the time. i love a lot of people on here so plz message me if you want to be friends. also if you edit photos of us my heart will takes its pants off.
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" if i don't have you up here i still love you i am just lazy garbage and am still editing

$ ѕнιraιrυ х мυтa
+ .We're gonna Rattle This Ghost Two. OOC
$ ıllıllı sεα σғ vσιcεs ıllıllı

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