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3/?? I have lost track of time.

I kind of fucked a lot of things up and now it's biting me in the ass. So I might not post because I can't seem to stop disassociating]

$ | mephis x muta |
$ | gay ice skating hell |
$ ѕнιraιrυ х мυтa
$ ι lιĸe yoυr ѕnaĸeѕ | sεαяcнιηg
$ | B & M |
$ |тнe ѕυper ѕpooĸer and тнe ғlιrтaтιoυѕ вean|
$ morbidwriting
+ Castle on the Hill
+ S O U T H Park High Skeletons
+ .We're gonna Rattle This Ghost Two. OOC
+ .We're Gonna Rattle This Ghost Town. Closed 3x3
+ .For YouAreLoved and Starless.
+ Vampires~
$ ıllıllı sεα σғ vσιcεs ıllıllı

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