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HEYA IM KIRK!!!!!!!!
age: 16
status: single </3
sexually: bi sexual
likes: linkin park, sum41, paramore, the pretty reckless, anime,roleplaying, fire and many more
dislikes: assholes, bitches, whores, hookers, thunder, and evil
Im back ppl
IM NOT EMO Im punk

Mirai Nikki

School Days


Devil May Cry

personas: Kirk, frenchie, Kirkass, Dante, Akuma, Kaku, that guy, K-frenchie, Kirkland

I am the akuma aria
I learned by a friend of a friend who really hated me that I need to stop being a shy depressed fucktard and get my head up so I will work on my self and be more confindent
Im also in love with all things moe in anime so if that means im a perv then im a perv

$ the bond between a teacher and student (1x1) [closed for EternalSnow)
$ S-K-A-T-E 1x1 [closed for Milky]
+ the roleplay store can be ( can be 1x1 or group)

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