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Role Play Profile

+ Protect Me From Myself (1x1 Needs Male)
+ Secrets Kill (Highschool Romance, Closed)
+ Save Me From Myself (1x1 Needs Guy!)
+ A Strange Land (1x1 Needs Male)
+ Roleplay Partner Please?
+ Sword of Life (For LeonConnors)
+ Sword of Life (Needs male)
+ Naruto: Next Generation~ Continuing Legacy (Needs People)
+ Princess Lost In Time (1x1 Needs Guy!)
+ Through Love and Betrayal (1x1 Needs Guy!)
+ Dear Heart~ Highschool Romance
+ Guardian Angel (Needs Human Boy)
+ The Angels and Demons Alliance
+ Blood and Imprints (Still Accepting)
+ Night World OoC
+ Night World~ Forbidden Awakening
+ You Promised (1x1 Needs Male)
+ 1x1 For xxxTwinklexxx and Islyn
+ Race For The Princess (1x1 Needs Male)
+ Tragic Shadows OoC
+ Tragic Shadows ~ Romeo and Juliet Modern Gang War. NEEDS PEOPLE!
+ Into The Terrible Future (1x1 Needs Male)
+ Summer Camp (Kingdom Hearts 1X1 Needs Sora)
+ Scrapped Princess (Needs Boy)
+ Through The Darkness (Needs a Naruto)

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