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Role Play Profile

My other Account

Name: Misao Kurisaku
Age: 12-18 that' my age matureness level
Gender: I'm a girl! I might act like a boy at times, TOMBOY.
Fave Colors: Red, Black, orange, yellow, blue
Hated Color: PINK!
Fave Actitives: Online access, running, outside
Hated activties: BEING BORED!

(Pictures don't explain me, but this one is like m

Where I live now: Georgia
Where I want to go: Japan!
My Stats: NOYB
My Mood: Loving <3
Yesterday's Mood : Happy :D

Some of my friends...I probably left out a lot

OodlesofNoodles - Both the same person both my bff

kxberry-fun to talk too

thepoet4u- he's awesome...he pisses me off most times, it's what I love about him

LightningStriker- She's fun..I rp with her most times which is weird.

SebastianKyo- she's funny, and very very hyper at night.

ichigoice- A very good friend her and Kyo are twins :D

For now not a lot of people I probably forgot sorry XD

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