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Role Play Profile

+ Marvel Heros: Ultimate Chaos (needs heros)
+ 1x1 fallenangel111
+ Anime girls sleep over ( needs characters)
+ Looking for a 1x1roleplay (looking for female character )
+ Puppet love (closed)
+ misunderstood ( needs main female character)
+ naruto high school days
+ Gaara's Desion1X2
+ scott pilgrim part 2
+ The war within us
+ Tokyo Romance 1x1
+ A Wolf and a Baby?!
+ highschool 1X1
+ Looking For A Good 1X1 RP
+ make it big , or crash and burn (NEEDS A DRUMER AND A BASS PLAYER)
+ YGO 5D's: Heart of a Blackfeather (NEEDS PEOPLE)
+ Yu-gi-oh 5D's: blackwings flight
+ pokemon world adventure (needs people)
+ the cards are real? 1x1 needs girl
+ Yu-gi-oh Duel Arena
+ high school band occ
+ vacation in the middle of nowere (needs one guy)
+ high school Band
+ anime bar and hotel ( needs customers and waitresses)
+ cullens in japan OOC

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