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Role Play Profile

(size:10 imma be online in 8 hours!)

Nicknames: Nicro, Ni-Ni
Petname: Ni
Age: 20
ES Relationship status: Don't want one

Most important people to me on es

♥ my momma ♥
Blaze134 & Kinomi

Carlyn3 is my mama xD

Cuddlebear & shyone
my cuddle and snuggle buddy

vlany is my great grandma
and one of the few people on es i know i can trust

Achluophobia is life, an old friend, ex and mummy

Petra_Mio my bestest best bestie, thts all see is nothing more

Closest friends

lilbluejay is jay-jay
ShadowDevil98 - heart... she seems distant

neckoangle - a little cutie
x_toxicbutterfly_x - a fun girl, my pet toxy
xLyrax - my huggle & nuzzle buddy
Serenity51 - saru

The Fam-Fam... dead

Mikitahaurzawa is Ri-Ri - not my friend
then i'm Ni-Ni - me to busy with real life
BlueEyedTears is Vi-Vi - to busy with everyone else to bother with me much
SakuraTheInvincible is Si-Si - doesn't and need did talk much

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