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Skype: kiahtah

Kik: kiahtah

My lovely thread that anyone is welcome to.

I am 25 (daymn) and have been on this fantastic site for 6.21 years. Anything else you'd like to know about me feel free to ask, I am an open book.

The Lovelies:

My Rock
My Teddy Bear
The Peace Keeper
The Little Firecracker
The Light in the Dark
The Nose Cuddler
My Little Bluejay

Never Forgotten

I have a very big heart, I have been through hell and back so I am always willing to talk to anyone who needs to be heard.

+ The Crazies
+ Name Not Needed.
+ Kiahtah's Band of Misfits
+ FourTwentyLovers
+ Sanctuary
+ Remake of The Shifty Tabernacle
+ The Shifty Tabernacle (OOC/RP)

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