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Role Play Profile

Luca, Lulu,


'A number'




Befriending people, Joking around, Acting like a complete Idiot, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Role Playing, Dr.Pepper, Pokemon, Saying 'Hoe', Dragons, Lucario's, Acting Innocent, And... Did I say acting like a Idiot?


Fighting, Drama, Sadness, Liars, Cheaters, Two-faced bitches, 'Moving on' and maturing, You get the point.

I am like a 'Sponge', I adapt to the people I hang around and become a little of everyone mixed into one. I am kindhearted though and try to be supportive if I feel needed. I do get jealous easy I am sorry, and if I stop hanging around someone as much it is because I don't feel 'Needed' but I am still here if they need me. So I guess you can say I am also like a 'Stepping stone,'.


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