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Role Play Profile

I'm tired of being here,
all locked up in my head.
Every day I hear a whisper,
and I'm closer to being dead.

Something taps me on the shoulder,
something I can't fight.
When it talks in that low voice,
my eyes are shut so tight.

Once it gets to a cetain point,
and I'm still sitting on the ground,
it tells me to do things,
I'm trying to ignore the sound.

Its voice is harsh and filled with confidence,
and I can hear a hint of sorrow.
Even when it's telling me,
I won't live to see tomorrow.

I don't know what to say,
and I don't know what to do.
I'm still hearing it now,
and I'm still suffering too.

I can't tell what its weakness is,
but I know I hear some lust.
I just have to get through this,
and have no one to trust

On with the sadness
And gloom, and despair, and rage
Rage no-one can hear
Screaming at them from the walls,
The kitchen tools
The corridors
Her bedroom

What are we going to do?
She seems so sad
Something at school?
Her friends, maybe, a boy?
Maybe she's just being a teenager.
She listens at the door, to these murmurs of doubt
And quietly creeps back to bed

She lies there in bed and stares
Up at the ceiling, plastered with softly glowing plastic stars
Wondering if they'll ever know,
Ever hear
Ever see
Ever realize, everything she feels and screams silently
A girl, just a girl, sobbing to herself late at night

She takes that ugly, gleaming blade
Hands trembling, heart crying
She points it towards her chest
Silence the heart, can't stand it howling!
Stop it, make it shut up!
Just shut up!
She can't do it, drops the knife, goes back to bed to weep.

Welcome to Zombie_dead_angel

Name: Dead....
Age: 17.......
Gender: Just ask...
Status in RL: Singel
Status in es: Don't knwo if he can stand me anymore.
Mood: Tired :P

Curtain mood:

Friends and Family

Neku: My new sweet carring friend, who helps me so i don't have to change and so i don't have to be what im not. to be with the one i love, but i think other wise.

Love this girl so much she is like my RL ES best friend and she is always there for me and im happy for that. Just thought you should know as long as im here you better not fuck with this girl or i will fuck with you with fists!

Joe-bear: My ex-boy and my great friend now just thought you should all know if you hurt or crush this guys heart i will crush yours!

My lover and the one who gives me the butterflies insid me, haha i know this is a cheap line but its all true, I love him so much and hope he knwos it. I will not give up on him so i hope you don't give up on me Love.

Ian: My awsome loving friend who cares about me alot and i care about him alot to, just so you should know if you fuck or crush him lol i might not need to crush you but if you do he should know im always here for him aswell.

Haha just a caring friend.

Tally: Thanks for being there for me so i can vent, sorry if i was to selfish to not listen to you, but thanks
for being a great friend.

Blaze and Necko:
My neice and step daughetr and my daughter who i care for very much and hope you know if you mess with these to, the family will get you back ^_^

Emz Harshmelody: Is my master and im her protecter i protected her from harms way, and care for her very much.

Hexxy ^^
Love and care for this guyb also is the best friend ever also, Blushes alot and he likes to create and draw alot.

Bella-chan: My loveable friend who i think is like my mother or my sister she is sweet very comfroting all the time and i enjoy that alot.

I just met her and i think she is an awsome friend she is caring and very much always there now that i gotten to know her i will always try to be there for her, she sayd she stupid and stuff but i think she just doesn't give ehrself anough credit and she is an awsome girl ^^ and Love her Naruto pictures and her styled profiles she is a very great idol ^^ I hope we get to know each other more and all and really do. Thanks Barb for this night you made me feel much better ^^ Love ya and care for ya to Barb ^.^

Shy-boy: Cute sweet caring friend who is always blushing and fainting snece me and my sister and fiends pictures drive them to faint he can't handle our boobs xD

Uh well all i can say about this guy is he means alot to me and he's a great friend sometimes maybe i don't talk to him much sence he probably doesn't consider me as a friend but that alright, just being aroudn their and talking to him makes everything better for me sometimes.

My Lovely Soul Savanaha: She is so cute sweet and heart warming i can now depend on her a little bit and she kinda makes me laugh sometimes.

Some More Poems.

I’m sitting here crying
No longer smiling
Just wishing I was dying

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You broke my heart
So now it’s in two

Here we go again
It’s my daily ritual
Take the Knife

And attempt to
End my life
But like always
I don’t have the guts

Tears are streaming
Down my cheeks
Only time will tell
When this hurt will be


I'm sorry i've got to do this
I can't take anymmore.
I loved you, and always will,
please don't forget me,
cos i'll never forget you.
I hope to see you later on
when your time to pass has come.
thankyou for helping me
I'm sorry it didnt work out better,
you all tried your best
please dont blame your selves.
thats not what I want,
I want you all to be happy,
go on with your lives.
do it for me cos I couldnt do it,
not even for myself.
I tried my best to be happy and free
but at the end of the day,
thats just not me.

Mom I love you
Don't blame it on yourself
Dad forgive me
I couldn't ask for help
Sis don't hate me
For leaving you alone
Take my picture
Off the table by the phone

It never belonged there anyway

This happy family was broken
Long before I left it anyway
I don't expect you to understand
Just why it was that I couldn't stay

I know you can't hear me
But I'm writing this for you
It is my last punk song
Telling you my life is through
It's okay to hate me
Just don't miss me when I'm gone
Cuz I don't deserve it
When I have done so much wrong

I never belonged here anyway

This happy family was broken
Long before I left it anyway
I don't expect you to understand
Just why it was that I couldn't stay

Bare wrists
Knife in hand.
Closed fists
Tears land..

Time stops.
Thoughts flow.
Knife drops.
Don't go.
She’s lying there
On her bed
The voices whisper
In her head
Nobody loves you
Nobody cares
They’d be better off
If you were not there
The blade comes out
It moves real swift
And carves up and
Down her wrist
With her finger
She sat and wrote
In her own blood
Suicide note

Her sister was
The first to find
Her crumpled body
Defunct of life
Her sister does
Not deserve this
After all
She’s only six
Her whole life
The memory
Will haunt her mind
For all to see
The person she
Looked up to
Is now not here
Oh, what to do

The mother next
She hears the scream
Comes in the room
And in a dream
She sees the body
Her first-born child
A bloody corpse
With a sickly smile
She looks around
Face filled with pain
The mother thinks
That she’s to blame
And something snaps
Inside her brain
She never was
The same again

And all her friends
Find out at school
And some move on
Like all should do
But some depressed
Sick of their lives
Go home to bed
Take out their knives
And carve their own
Names in their throat
Or put a rope around
And choke
One suicide done
Without respect
To causing a
Domino effect

First suicide
Causing all this pain
But who’s the one
We all should blame
The sister who
Gets her own way?
The mother who
Refused to pay?
The absent father
Where’s he gone?
The friends at school
Who’ve done no wrong?
There’s only one
Who should be blamed
Who’ll not be named

Lets get this clear
Cos’ it’s a fact
Suicides such
A selfish act
She did not care
Or give a thought
To all the ones
That she would hurt
They don’t understand
They wonder why
They blame themselves
Deep down inside
Many lives wasted
Many people cried
For the selfish act
Of suicide

Here Lies..Zombie_dead_angel's..Last words. and poems. if you where missed Pm me. because suicide is all i think about now.

I'm standin here on this sidewalk, thinking to myself, looking accross the street my face so pail my cheeks so pail, only thing i see when i look me doing selfish disturbing things. Yes i went across the street that street not sure if i'll make it but faith and hope should be within. Hope they would shread one tear for me, When my cold maybe blood will leak out, no one can tell, but i will lay there not able to feel no longer to breathe, the aches will stop and the light showning the way out of this cruel world, and into the other worlds i havn't discovered yet, maybe than god will look me in the eyes if he really does exsit and maybe love will exsit for me.

$ Randomness 1x1 ( Waiting on Kohako)
+ Duke and Blaze ( waiting on Blaze134)

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