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To all who have a 3DS~ I have a Friend Code (Friends list, sadly. XP XD) for all of you~
3668 - 9073 - 7115

Welp... Adulting has smacked me hard right across the face..

[x] Offline [] Online/Posting/Talking [] Working on College/ working

-✜- Current Primary Fandom(s) : Kingdom Hearts, Ace Attorney, RWBY, Hamilton, Black Butler, .Hack -✜-

-♢- Current primary pairing(s) : YangXBlake, RikuXSora, HaseoXEndrance, MilesXPhoenix, AobaXNoiz, SebastianXCiel (Guilty Pleasure) -♢-

Hello, my name is Tyler

I am a high school graduate, and I am a semi-lit to literate roleplayer

I am a guy at heart, and nothing can change that

Here, you're too far in to get titans to devour you like before. But don't worry...
I'll be the one devouring you instead.
all the information that we can drag out of you. - Hanji Zoe

I am one to take what I learn to heart, especially when what I learn is originally of my interest. What I learn from Anime is equal to anything I learn in class. I keep it in my mind, and it influences who I am and who I will become. I am no different than anyone else, whether my being be vaguely different than another's or not.

Current Living Roleplays
1: •Quιтe Соnтrary• (RP Closed for SolemnYuki)


Video Games


Discrimination of ideas

Longest Post on ES

Char Count: 8473 / Word Count: 1280 : [Corpse Party: Rebirth]

$ •Quιтe Соnтrary• (RP Reserved for SolemnYuki) (Closed)
$ Abroad (Closed for Secretagentmuffin)
+ * .Hack// Seeking *
$ 「進撃の巨人」 ヤオイ/BL
+ Masks to Hide Masks - for PandaChan
$ To Be or Not to Be - RusCan Yaoi RP {For Tommi}

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